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Fuji 35mm f/1.4 tested at SLRgear and Photoheadonline.


The 35mm lens got tested by SLRgear and Photoheadonline. Both highly recommend this lens:

SLRgear (Click here) tested the Fuji 35mm f/1.4 X lens: “Very good performance, even when used wide open, and excellent performance when stopped down just a little. If you’re an X-Pro 1 user, this lens definitely deserves a place in your bag.

Photoheadonline (Click here) compared the lens with the Zeiss 35mm f/2.0 lens: “The Fujinon however, is made so well that it is the winner of this test. It gets a High Value to Cost Ratio for its performance at a wide open aperture, as well as price, weight, compactness, and versatility. The Fujinon 35mm edges out the Zeiss 35mm lens in each of those categories, but by just a little.