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shared by Kent X-T10 Guide

shared by Boris P M Chan Petition for a X100T successor

shared by deepsun XT-2 Preorders

shared by epscott Dear Fuji…about the X-T2

shared by FX Admin Survey: Fuji X-T2 or Fuji X-Pro2?

shared by cosinaphile a successful adapted 6400 mh battery pack for fuji x system ILC`s

shared by Paul2660 Very disappointed with X-Pro and battery life (and low battery notification)

shared by PhotoDan A lot of complaining going on here… 

shared by nomademoderne Used X-E2 or new X-E2s?

shared by tdGunter X-Pro2 Wi-Fi transfer speed any good?

shared by Derek MacPhail Boxes: Keep or Discard?

shared by jedbest Lost X-Pro 2 eyepieces

shared by xpro2inidaho 16-55 lens + (?)

shared by liamnas Fuji Lens Caps

shared by Dr-Nipun Hz Very little knowledge – need crucial and elaborate help

shared by Filip Hermelin 60 f/2.4 or wait for new 50 f/2

shared by 7LLPA which body ?

Milky Way in Arizona shared by Photolographer

Image by Photolographer

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Sunsets (Open Thread) shared by Watcher24

Image by Watcher24

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Portraiture work, running topic shared by KirillSokolov

Image by KirillSokolov

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Samyang 12mm F2.0 NCS CS X Mount shared by KwyjiboVanDeKamp

Image by KwyjiboVanDeKamp

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Do we have any X-users using their X cameras for sports? shared by -justus

Image by -justus

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Fuji Flowers shared by mart46

  • dedham -29.jpg

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Silhouettes (Open Thread) shared by -justus

Image by -justus

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Summer In Montreal shared by ericdraven

Image by ericdraven