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First organic sensor to be used in cameras from late 2014 early 2015.


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Fujifilm press release

Fuji innovated the camera industry by developing the X-Trans Sensor. But the future seems to be a based on the “organic sensors”. The new technology promises among the others “Industry’s highest dynamic range of 88dB”, “higher sensitivity than conventional sensors” and “ range of incident angle expanded to 60 degrees for faithful color reproduction“.

One source told us that this is still far away from being implemented in X cameras. If all works fine we can expect the first camera to feature that sensor in late 2014 early 2015 only.

Last year in a Lenstip (Click here) interview Fuji said that the super high quality organic sensor (that we hoped to be inside the X PRO 1) will not be find any use in the short term. It’s still too early for a real use on cameras.