First images of the new X20!


These are the first images of the new X20!

On January 7 Fuji will announce the new X20 and X100s cameras. And you should be online on Fujirumors by then to follow all live updates with links to news, reviews and image samples!

via Digicaminfo.

  • duo

    Same viewfinder?

  • sav

    Totally not worth the effort, not for me anyway.

    Same sensor size, a bit more zoom/wide range, crappy same P-A-S-M-Adv-Scene-Custom-EXR dial on top just to keep things complicated.

    Fuji should be bolder with this, leave the easymodes for XF-1…

    Oh well, next time maybe.

    • ben

      Soooo well said. Had the same reaction with the Sony RX1… PLEASE 3 dials aperture, speed, iso. Period.

    • Sahaja

      How does the X20 have an EXR mode if it uses an X-Trans sensor?

  • Anon

    Their is a poster over at Fuji X Forum who has been spot on about previous rumors and he/she have said the following about the X20:

    Fuji are really listening to the feedback of their customers, not only x100s, but also the x20 is a solid update. A 2/3″ X-trans phase focus capable sensor paired with a EXR II processor, and shooting information projected in OVF.

    An X-Trans sensor, faster processor and overplayed shooting info are all significant upgrades and if true, would lend credence to the old axiom – don’t judge a book by its cover!

    • sav

      X-Tran instead of EXR would be great, but then why keep the PASM?
      And even if they need to retain this, why on earth do these crucial modes have to contest the bazillion other scene modes and whatnot fuji put there?

      I have no particular gripe with the sensor size (which does not change so that they can keep same body dimensions and reduce cost), nor with the 80% viewfinder, nor with the zoom range & lens brightness.

      I did not even mind the total lack of information on the X10 viewfinder (were 2no. cross/aim marks for max and min distance so freaking difficult?), which makes it so obvious that although Fuji listens to users, they definetely have no photographer in their design teams.

      I am curious to see what sort of bugs this will bring to the table.

      And frankly, I bought the X10 for £400 1 year ago, I am not going to be buying a new Fuji camera every year while they slowly learn from customers.

      A bit of a rant, but these features should have been in the X10 when it launched. Remember its launch price?

      £541, £12 more than what a brand new X100 with 2 years guarantee will cost you from a certain store in the UK.

      Good luck to them.

      • Anon

        Sorry, I don’t follow why the PSAM dial has anything to do with the inclusion of an X-Tran sensor.

        What is wrong with a PSAM dial? I understand the X10’s is a bit cluttered with all the extra “creative” modes on there but at least you can quickly change between shutter priority and aperture priority. Photographers have used and enjoyed these dials for decades.

        And as far as price goes, no one forced you to buy the X10 at a price you were not comfortable with. I agree that the camera was overpriced, hence I passed, but that choice is what determines market value. If no one buys it, the price drops. If the features aren’t competitive, no one buys it, the price drops, etc., etc.

        And I’m pretty sure there is a photographer or two lurking around at Fujifilm ;)

        • sav

          All very valid points that you make but I did say that it was a rant post (not to excuse myself).

          We will see what the feature list will be, but I am still not convinced about the photographer argument. Just way too many obvious omissions that betray lack of field testing, not only in the X10 but in other products of Fuji as well.

          My take on it anyway, don’t have to ascribe to it.

          For the record, I sold the X10 after a month or two as the whole “what kind of EXR shot do I want to take” effort was driving me nuts.

          • anon

            No worries.

            I’m not an X10/X20 defender and don’t own one or plan on purchasing. The camera is too big to be adequately pocketable for me – I went with an RX100. But I do own an X-Pro and am a big fan of Fuji’s direction in general.


  • Incessant Troll

    the blurred numbers on the lens seem to indicate:

    focal range 7.1 – 28.4 mm and f/2.0 – f/2.8, same as x10

    thus unless they are purposefully obfuscating the numbering, focal range and brightness have not changed. if that is the case there is no point to buy this over x10.

  • Matt

    This is all great… and would love to have focus peaking on XE-1 but any announcements on the lens roadmap?

    I am really waiting for some news on the 23 and 56 1.4 … 35-50-90 1.4 with x-trans would make me move from Leica to Fuji

  • FMJ

    Man, this is the first time i see people complaining about PASM dial.

    Fuji might have pack some scene modes, but those are for P&Shoters. remember this is a high en point & shoot with the look? a lot of people buy this just for the look.

    Also, there are a lot of camera in this price range that don’t have PASM dial. Even some mirrorless don’t….

    • sav

      There is a reason why this is a common complaint. It may be OK with you, but it is a problem with other people…

  • Fuji X-fan

    This is not the X20, look at the zoom range, it starts with 28 not 24 (if we are to trust the rumors). This is nothing more than a photoshopped low-res picture of an X10 with a X20 symbol on it…

    • Martin

      True story.

      Y love to lock button! I would love a 24mm 1.8 wide angle. And some info in the OVF. But I just got my X10, i’m going for the x30 next year! :D

    • anon

      Boy, that would be a seriously good photoshop job to convert the black model to silver and get all the lighting transitions correct, especially on the lens.

      But, what do I know…

    • rives

      I’m afraid in the X20 will be the same 28-112 zoom lens as in the X10.
      Hope, I’m wrong… 24-120 will be great!

      • Ryan

        Im hoping as well

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