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Finally: AmazonUS is shipping preorders and X100S is climbing the rankings!


FR-reader Andrew received the message that his X100S preorder has been shipped by Amazon, while FR-reader Mark received it yesterday. It is not in Stock right now (Click here) but you can see that the camera is shipping also by the fact that is is rapidly climbing the Amazon sales rankings (Click here to see). You can find it in Stock via the official Fuji reseller Cameraland (more than 10 in Stock right now).

The time has come for those who preordered the X100S to check if it keeps what it promises. The first reviews are very positive.

FR-reader Mark has it since two weeks. He linked me his review. Here are his first impression:

“In a nutshell – in good daylight, the AF rocks. In both speed and accuracy. That’s coming from a D700 user. Indoors in incandescent light – not so crash hot. Probably just on one second in dim incandescent light to lock onto a subject 3 metres away. If the light gets even lower – it can and did fail to lock focus. This is not a deal breaker for me – as thats just not the way I’ll need to use this camera. This is where the new improved manual focus feature comes in handy. […] The Fuji JEPG engine is also a big strong point of this camera. I am primarily a RAW shooter – but since getting this camera I have done a little experiment by only shooting in JPEG. There is something quite liberating and very pleasing when you can shoot and upload images so quickly without having to even fire up the computer. RAW will always have its place – but at the moment I don’t feel I need it am I am very much enjoying the “Fuji colours” I get from the JPEG files.””