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SENTAKU CONFIRMS: Japanese Government Trying to Partner Nikon with Fujifilm





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Earlier today I shared the news, that a Japanese blogger and avid Sentaku Magazin reader said Nikon is in huge trouble, and is looking for investors. I also said that, since Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean companies are interested, the Japanese government is now moving, to try to keep Nikon in Japanese hands.

It created quite a buzz (and shitstorm… but I’m kind of used to them ;) ), so let me take a bit of time to explain it again:

Who is Sentaku?

According to Japanese FR-reader, Sentaku is a highly reputable Japanese magazine (60,000 copies sold a month), and covers four genres: world affairs, domestic politics, the domestic economy, and society and culture.

Our readership is not limited to politicians, influential businesspeople and government officials; Sentaku’s writing also reaches out to intellectuals and leaders in all sectors, including medicine, education, culture, and the arts.”

Sure, you can consider “Sentaku” fake news… it makes no sense, but you can do it :)

NOTE: the Japanese blogger article quotes “Selection June edition” which is google translated for “Sentaku (selection) June edition“. Quite logical :)

Fujifilm Nikon Partnership

In the April edition of Sentaku, the Sentaku magazine writes that Nikon is in trouble. “Companies from Taiwan, South Korea and China reportedly are considering acquiring Nikon“.

The update in the June Magazine is, that the Japanese government is trying to convince Fujifilm to “help” Nikon, so that the company remains in Japanese hands. But don’t believe me… just read the Sentaku statement of June by yourself here.

Reconstruction observation of Nikon and Fujifilm Holdings (HD) prestigious precision equipment including single lens reflex cameras is rapidly emerging. It is said that the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the main bank of Nikon, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (B …”

TRANSLATED BY A FR-READER: METI (ministry of trade and industry) and Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UJF (Nikon’s main bank) are trying to broker a restructuring deal that involves Fujifilm Holdings.

Sadly we can’t read more, because Sentaku just shares a short excerpt and says the rest of the story is in the magazine.

But there is a Japanese blogger, who is an avid Sentaku reader, and he perfectly quotes the Sentaku June edition (and also the April edition, which is available online). On his blog he writes that (google translated)

the Ministry of International Trade and Industry are intermediating and are trying to attract them [Nikon] to Fujifilm.”

The Japanese blogger (and Sentaku reader) has written a blog post with his thoughts about the Sentaku article, which I’ve shared here. So you get much more insight than the limited excerpt at the Sentaku website (the full article will be online next month I think).

And once again I can say (to the shitstormers)…

I told you” ;)

Of course, the news again will now spread on all blogs… but for FR readers, it will be, once again, just old news ;)

Take care, fellow readers…. and be sure that I will treat you all guys with the highest respect and always work hard to deliver accurate news and rumors, just like today :)

I don’t pretend perfection, sure, but at least to get as close to it as possible (except for my English).
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