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“Essential”: X-E2 gets 5 stars at photographyblog


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1) The photographyblog review of the X-E2 is now online here. Among the others they say:

 “The Fujifilm X-E2’s auto-focusing speed is further improved on the previous model, with a quoted fastest auto-focus time of just 0.08 seconds when using the 18-55mm zoom. [Patrick: Fujifilm says that the 14mm focusses in 0.08 sec., and not the 18-55. Read the press release here] […] If you mostly use auto-focus rather than manual then this one improvement alone is reason to upgrade from the X-E1.

The X-E2 is certainly right up there with the best APS-C sensor cameras on the market, and some full-frame models too. Time stands still for no man in the camera world, and with the recent launches of the pro-level Olympus OM-D E-M1, full-frame Sony A7/A7R, and compact Panasonic GX7, the Fujifilm X-E2 certainly has a lot of competition. We feel that the X-E2 offers something genuinely different, though, that’s certainly more than enough to hold its own.”

2) Othman‘s initial thoughts on the X-E2 here: “All in all, I am extremely happy with my decision to upgrade to the X-E2 and I can only encourage everyone that is on the fence to go right ahead and do the same. Having said that, the X-E1 is still an amazingly capable camera.”

3) lighttraveller went with his X-E2 to a zoo. See his shots and read his impressions here: “I have to say the light faded very quickly so the XE2 was put under a lot of pressure for its first time out of the box, I was not expecting a lot and due to the fact I set it up to EVF only,  I did not have a chance to review my shots until I got home.  When I did see the results I was happy! More than happy!”