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DxO Fujifilm X-Trans Support Tested (and It Looks Great)


As we already reported here, DxO PhotoLab 5 now supports Fujifilm RAW files!

Some FR-readers already shared their enthusiastic feedback about it in the comments, a joy that seems to be shared by Reggie Ballesteros, who, in his latest video, checks the noise reduction performance of DxO for X-Trans files.

He concludes:

After trying it out, I’m convinced it is the best raw processor for demosaicing and noise reduction for Fujifilm RAW files. If you’re tired of the wormy effect or poor sharpening algorithm of Lightroom, but don’t like Capture One, the DxO PhotoLab 5 plugin for Lightroom is a great workaround with great results.

You can get DxO PhotoLab 5 here.

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