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DxO corrects: “Our apologies for this inconsistency, tests on X-TRANS sensors are still not planned.”


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When DxO first posted the X100S “test and reviews” page (probably December 5 – thx Trenton), they didn’t mention the fact that they will make their own Fujifilm X100S test. It was a simple site with a collection of reviews found all over the web… but something changed this Summer.

After the FR post here, some FR-readers told me that already back in June, someone at DxO deliberately added this sentence to the X100S DxO page: “This product will be tested and reviewed on July on” However, DxO didn’t post any X100S review in July. Since then, DxO changed the date for the publication of their X100S review to August, then September and finally to October.

And now this: DxO just said over at their site here that:

This indication was not accurate and has now been removed, since tests on X-TRANS sensors are still not planned. Our apologies for this inconsistency, and thank you for your understanding.”

That’s strange, they don’t even have plans to test the X-Trans sensor. So why even add and afterwards change continuously the Fujifilm X100S review publication date?

Fact is, no X-TRANS test, no X-TRANS support, and no X-TRANS DxO scores… however I’d like to assure you that Fuji X-series cameras will neverthelss take awesome shots… just ask some X-shooters or check out the FR-X-Shooter facebook photostream and tell me if you think I’m wrong ;) .


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