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DPReviewTV Travel Tripod Comparison: Peak Design, Sirui, Manfrotto and Gitzo – Which One is Your Favorite? (POLL)


DPReview TV has published their travel tripod shootout.

They selected carbon fiber tripods that can bring the camera up to eye level (no table tripods, etc.). The comparison is between:

Down below you can vote also your favorite amongst these tripods.

The Comparison

  • the Peak Design win the compactness battle. It’s the shortest and thinnest
  • with center column down, the Peak Design falls behind the others, whereas the others are more or less on similar hight
  • with the columns extended, the Peak Design has still a disadvantage in height. For higher persons, not good for eye level shooting
  • the Sirui goes up the highest
  • Weight (from heaviest to lightest): Sirui, Manfrotto, Peak Design, Gitzo
  • Hook device on the bottom: Sirui and Peak Design. With Gitzo you can add a hook to the bottom, but you have to buy it extra
  • offset ring on the side: Manfrotto and Gitzo
  • Operation speed (extending legs and center column), they are all very close, with 1 or 2 second variation
  • Chris prefers twist locks
  • the Peak Design level locks are spaced next to each other, so, like with twist locks, you can grab them with one hand and unlock them all at once
  • They are all 4 section tripods, except for the Peak Design, which is a 5 section tripod, which slows you down a bit
  • They made a vibration test, using a particular device that vibrates (you got it ;) )
  • Vibration test (from best to worst): Manfrotto and Sirui were best. Slightly below you find the Peak Design. Gitzo was by far the worst with center column raised
  • the heavier the tripod, the better it handles vibrations
  • Recommendation: with any tripod, put some weight on the hooks for fantastic results with all 4 tripods


  • they finally have Arca Swiss plate (no more the proprietary plate)
  • ball head was smooth, and once locked, you frame does not shift afterwards a little bit
  • despite the expensive price, you don’t get extras like a spiked feet, hook, bag
  • great technology and best build quality by far
  • lightest tripod, and still comparable height of Sirui and Manfrotto
  • it’s not good value for the dollar


  • You get metal where needed, but still plastic parts at centre column lock and plastic ball head lock. In cold weather and long-term use, it can crack
  • clipping mechanism is still proprietary, however the plate on top is Arca Swiss. But since Manfrotto uses still their own locking system you can’t put long Arca Plates into the ballhead
  • locking mechanism can hit the battery grip of camera, so you must reverse it
  • center column sliding is rather stiff (slow to move)
  • good compromise between weight and features
  • lowest price point of the 4 tripods tested

Peak Design

  • Chris likes the locking levers and switches
  • lever locks are metal and seem pretty solid
  • lever locks can get stuff it, hence more maintenance
  • you depend on an Allen key to attach your Arca Swiss plate, which is a really stupid idea, because if you lose the allen key you are screwed
  • it would have been smarter to have coin locks or finger locks
  • very innovative, very compact, very easy to carry, very lightweight
  • not same working height of other tripods


  • Great value for the dollar
  • you can screw out one leg and use it as monopod
  • you get a carry strap
  • you get spiked feet
  • you can split center column down shorter to cut weight off
  • bubble levels on the side so you can always see it, as opposed to the other tripods that have it on top hence hard to reference it once you have your camera mounted
  • Even at its heaviest torque, Chris can still grab the head and move it. Might not be an issue if you have a camera on there, but you really want to torque it very strong to have that stability
  • it’s the heaviest. You can make a lighter tripod heavier, but not a heavier tripod lighter

So, after watching the video, which one of these tripods would you get? Feel free to vote the poll down below:

My favorite of these 4 Tripods is:

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