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DPReview Killed the Fujifilm GFX 50S and I Disagree :: ROBOshoot Profoto & Co Lights with HSS and Fujifilm In-Camera Control




Ok, so it’s not only me, who found the latest DPReview article very strange.

A few days ago I said that it’s kind of strange to take the best Full Frame cameras on the market (Sony A7rII, Canon 5DSr and Nikon D810), take of each one only the very best aspects, merge them together into one mythical SoNiCan D8A7Sr (can somebody photoshop it? ;) ), and compare this monster FF with 1 single camera, the Fujiflm GFX.

When it comes to IQ, all those FF cameras can’t match the GFX. You need 3 of them to come close to it.

Anyway, as I said, I’m not alone. You can also read this and more arguments at “DPReview Killed the Fujifilm GFX 50S using facts, they say. I Disagree” via thephotofundamentalist

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John Poremba contacted me with some news to share that you might be interested in:

The next RoboSHOOT firmware version is being prepared for release. It is expected to provide additional flash support, enhances manual mode operation/performance, and supports In-Camera Flash Exposure Lock. Details are listed below.

Added flash support – the added flash support includes:
– Nikon SB-800 and SB-5000
– Godox AD-360ii-N and X1N (Radio Remote)
– Profoto AirTTL-N and supported Profoto monolights
– Impact Venture Monolights with their Nikon Remote (reported support)
Plus, Monolights can be used along with normal flash at the same time.
Note, the Monolight support generally does not allow TTL+HSS at the same time. In that case, use manual power control In-Camera or on the controller for the Monolight. AutoFP will be selected according to shutter speed even if the light is in manual mode.

Manual Mode improvements (Selecting Manual Mode In-Camera for all groups with TTL flash):
– Manual Power is settable In-Camera for each group independently.
– AutoFP is available.
– Frame Rate of 8fps is possible.
This enables full In-Camera control of manual power and HSS while retaining high frame rates.

The In-Camera Flash Exposure Lock may now be used. The RoboSHOOT FEL function is still available but cannot be used at the same time as In-Camera lock (it is prevented).

Roboshoot at BHphoto