skip to Main Content Interview: the 56mm F1.2 R APD, the XF35mm APD prototype and the super-telephoto prime


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XF 56mm f/1.2 APD
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The Japanese site (translation) published an interview with a Fuji Manager mainly talking about the APD version of Fuji’s fastest lens, the XF56mm f/1.2… and the fist lens ever with apodization filter which still allows you to use AF.

If I understood correctly the cryptic google translated version, the Manager also talks about the quality and the concept behind the Fujinon lenses. He denies any FF camera, as Fuji’s priority is to complete the APS-C lineup. In this regard, they also talked about plans for a super-telephoto prime (google translated: “because you have to understand the needs of our customers have come a super-telephoto lens of a single focus, on the consideration of the future of the lineup“) and he revealed that there was a prototype of the XF35mm with APD filter. If you may remember, sources told me that the XF35mm could be updated, but the improvement won’t be the weather sealing. Maybe, at the time of the rumor, Fuji was testing the APD version of this lens. However, Fuji has dropped plans to release such a lens (if I interpreted correctly the google translated version).

If there is any Japanese FR-reader, who could make a more accurate summary of the most important parts of the interview, feel free to drop it in the comments down below.