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“Crop Sensors vs Full Frame :: Crop Or Crap, Math or Moment” (video by Zack Arias)


Zack Arias posted a video on youtube here (Crop Sensors vs Full Frame), where he talks about the different sensor sizes. His full article is up at dedpxl here.

Look. Some of the trolls out there are going to think this is a Fuji sponsored message. It isn’t. While Fuji is a client of mine and I have done work for them they sure as hell don’t keep food on my table or a roof over my head on any sort of regular basis. I don’t get shit for saying this stuff or making blog posts like this. I’m simply relaying my experiences working with all sorts of cameras in all sorts of situations. And in preparation for making this blog post I have done a lot of pixel peeping at newer APS cameras from Nikon, Canon, Sony, and the rest and I feel confident saying… APS sensors kick ass these days. Across the board. Whatever you are shooting..”

And in case you missed it, he also posted his X-T1 review at dedpxl:

I have zero regrets about selling all of my Canon gear and going Fuji. Zero regrets. I do miss the longer telephoto but, lo and behold, what just got announced for the lens lineup? A 90mm f2. I wonder who could have requested that over and over and over again? This camera can hold its own for just about anything but professional sports photography. It’s a fantastic travel camera. It would be great for events and weddings. It is lovely for portraits. Wouldn’t mind a faster sync speed than the 180th that it has but I jump to the x100s or the Phase when I need that fast sync. […]  PS – Dear Fuji. I’m still wanting an X-Pro2. Don’t forget about that. I would, however, trade the X-Pro2 for an X medium format. Just sayin’.”