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CLASH of the FUJIS: X-PRO2 Vs. X-T2 :: X-T1 Vs. X-T10 :: 14mm Vs. 10-24 :: 16mm Vs. 23mm :: 90mm Vs. 56 APD :: Top FXF Threads


shared by FXF Member Enzio in the “Seascape” section started by Harlem. Enjoy the images here.

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So here it is, the next round of the Top Hot Topics shared over at the Fuji-X-Forum! This week is mostly about decisions: which lens, which camera, is it worth, should I buy? You can read the discussions here.

And of course, feel free to join us over there with your images, thoughts, questions and more.

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General Discussion :: X-T2 Vs. X-PRO2

– started by benjaminthomson: “If the X-Pro2 and X-T2 were both released tomorrow, which one would you buy?”. And the winner is… Read more here.

Fuji X Rumors

– started by Patrick FR: “Oh My Gosh! Just received a GREAT RUMOR! Just a Hint for now… more soon!” Wild guesses and speculations. Keep it up, because we will make a poll out of your dreams… so don’t stop dreaming now! Related to this thread: “Fuji has plans for a Medium Format camera!” You can start salivating here ;)

Fuji X System

X-T1 / X-T10

– started by Guest_john: “X-T1 or X-T10?” PROs and CONs of each camera can be read here.

– started by karinatwork: “Tethered Shooting: does anyone know if that elusive plug-in for Lightroom is already for sale somewhere? I’m still waiting“. Join the discussion here.

– started by doroff: “Should I upgrade to an X-T1?” Feel free to give your advice here.


– started by EduFierro: “X-T1 Firmware Should go to X-Pro1 too“. I’m afraid this is not possible. More here.

X-E2 – Firmware

– strated by Sodeal: “Any news about a FW 4.0 update on the X-E2?” A golden question, answered by Fujifilm France… discover it here.

Fuji X Lenses

– started by Palomid: “Going to Europe – 14/2.8 vs 10-24/4?” So which one would you go for? Tell it to Palomid here.

– started by Toon: “XF 90mm vs XF 56 (APD)… Your Thoughts?” But has the 56mmAPD still the better Bokeh? See it here.

– started by Patrick FR: “I want the XF 10-24… is it worth selling the 18mm and 14mm for it?” What follows is a vivid discussion, where I ended up selling the 18mm and buying the Samyang 12mm. Read why here.

– started by hetrag: “16mm or 23mm for indoor, your opinion?” Time to share yours.

– started by dziurek1008: “Fujinon XF 35mm F1.4 R – Is it worth the money?”.  So, to anyone who owns the 35… go there and recommend it ;).


shared by bigbadwolfStreetphotography (Open Thread)

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shared by Russ – First time astro photography

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 shared Harlem – Seascape Section here

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shared by RussStreetphotography (open thread)

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shared by azmanshahAll Around The World thread

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shared by MTPhotography – Hello from Italy

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shared by NorthernXposure – Landscape With Fuji

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shared by papedoLandscape With Fuji