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Chris & Jordan: The Battle of Camera Brands – Fujifilm vs Canon, Sony, Nikon and Panasonic


Stalman+ hosted Chris and Jordan on his YouTube channel. They talk about DRP shutting down, the Sony ZV-E1 and starting from minute 38:24 they also talk about all camera brands in a section called “Battle of the Camera Brands”.

Regarding Fujifilm, this is what Chris, Jordan and Stalman+ have to say (starts 57:05):

  • they talk about the peculiar vintage look that Fujifilm cameras have that can “outlast technology”
  • love of using, holding and being seen with beautiful cameras, that’s still a factor today. Other companies under-appreciated that factor
  • Chris says that a few years ago the talk in the industry was that you have to go Full Frame or you are going to die
  • Fujifilm very bravely said “let’s stick with APS-C and let’s go one better and make some awesome medium format cameras”
  • Chris said they could make a whole podcast on how successful that whole line has been for Fujifilm
  • they delivered lots of amazing APS-C lenses
  • Chris thinks this was a smart decision, especially now that we look at the new sensors on the X-T5
  • Fujifilm is doing a great job giving people what they want and not having to go full frame to do it
  • you get a solid camera that can do many different things, that looks great and that focuses “yeah…”
  • Staleman+ says Fujifilm is the only camera that he would shoot JPEG straight of of camera or do a non-LOG profile and actually use it
  • the X-H2S is a powerhouse for video
  • Jordan agrees and says that the X-H2S image is one of his favourite out of any format of camera, even comparing it to full frame especially in terms of dynamic range it keeps up really nicely
  • they also listen to us in terms of features. They were the first to let videographers do 48th or 96th of a second shutter speed. Shutter angle and waveforms still missing. Hopefully those will come in future
  • Jordan’s biggest issue with Fuji’s recent launches is that a lot of those cameras haven’t felt completely finished (occasional crashes even with production models, punch-in focus not as sharp as it was previously)
  • Jordan wants Fujifilm to go back to where they were, as the company known for giving you initially flaky products but then they would firmware update the hell out of them
  • Fujifilm has the base hardware to make some of the best cameras out there, but Jordan just does not 100% trusts them at this point
  • Staleman+ says he did not experience such huge issues and crashes, but certainly there are some things that could be improved
  • he adds that he appreciates the operability and physicality of the cameras, the dials etc. It’s so clear what you are getting into as you start operating it and he loves that about Fujifilm
  • Chris said that he appreciates that Fujifilm launched the X-S series of cameras that actually departs from the manual controls
  • if you don’t love the manual dial control and you want an alternative, they are offering it
  • Chris prefers the X-S handling
  • Staleman+ just likes the way they are running the company and also leading the way in some ways when it comes to video, for example with integration
  • Kudos to Fujifilm for leading from behind, so being in the position of being a smaller company that are still showing real strength and leadership

So lots of great things are said about Fujifilm, and only two significant points of criticism: improve autofocus even more and keep delivering Kaizen firmware updates.

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