Another X PRO 1 versus rest of the mirrorless world comparison.

Soundimagesplus (Click here) made a new Fuji X POR 1 versus Olympus E-M5 and Sony NEX-5n High ISO comaprison: “Firstly, using the same Nikon lens on the Fuji and Sony the Sony has purple fringing and the Fuji doesn’t. Secondly, while the Fuji is clearly the best at ISO 3200, just look at how close the Olympus OM-D gets to this much praised Sony sensor at that setting.

Also the well known Photographyblog (Click here) Highly Recommends the Fuji: “Thankfully the X-Pro1’s innovative image sensor and lack of low-pass filter lives up to all the hype and more, delivering truly excellent image quality. Noise is noticeable only by its almost complete absence throughout the ISO range of 100-25,600, while the Dynamic Range function helps to boost contrast and detail.

P.S.: A new Low Light image sample by Alan Smith (Click here).


New X PRO 1 reviews roundup!

Ther eis no day without a new X PRO 1 test. So here is the next wrap up:
Engadget (Click here) posted their final X PRO 1 test: “The Fujifilm X-Pro1 is a work of art, and like any masterpiece there’ll be some who hate it and others who get into heated bidding wars. If you’re sensible and price-conscious, then by rights you should be waiting for the auctioneer to bring out the Olympus OM-D E-M5. Or you should be looking at the X100, or even considering a DSLR, before investing this amount of money. But if the retro form factor befits your personality, you have an abundance of cash and you care about the subtleties of the sensor’s output, a powerful viewfinder and great controls, then there’s every reason to buy in.

Fuji X PRO 1 versus Olympus E-M5 at Soundimagesplus (Click here).

RAW vs JPEG on the Fuji X-Pro1 from ISO 200 through ISO 3200 at Digitalloyd (Click here).

First day on the street with the Fujifilm X-Pro1 by Patrick Braun (Click here).

New full Fuji X PRO 1 review by Ken Rockwell

Ken Rockwell (Click here) the most famous photography blogger posted his final X PRO 1 review: “The Fuji X-Pro1 is an amazing one-of-a-kind camera. It has image quality and lenses more like my LEICA M9 than any DSLR, and it’s smaller and lighter than any DSLR — or LEICA. The X-Pro1 does what the LEICA M9 does well, even better than the M9 does it!

Overall he is pretty impressed by the Fuji and recommends it to anyone that doesn’t shoot mainly landscapes (for that FF cameras are still better).

Brandon Remler (Click here) is testing the 60mm macro lens which is also the best of all three X lenses: “The sharpness is great and it’s a terrific lens to own.

Great shots from John Smith with the X PRO and a 40 years old Leica lens!

Image from John Smith

Our reader John Smith (Click here) posted a set of X PRO 1 pictures taken with the “old” Leica Tele Elmarit lens. I hope to see more tests with third party lenses. I think they will work better than on other mirrorless cameras. The NEX-7 for example has terrible corner issues on many lenses. But I hope Fuji will “steal” the peaking mode idea from Sony. That would help us a lot to focus with manual lenses!

More  X PRO 1 news: A new leather case for the X PRO 1 (DCwatch). A new gallery by Pfflynn….what a name ;) The Fuji at the Madison Square Garden (Brandon Remler).

Ken Rockwell: X PRO 1 beats the M9 as best digital camera ever.

The video on top has been made by Kai form Digitalrev and compares the three hottest cameras of the moment, the Fuji (of course), the Olympus E-M5 and Sony NEX-7. All three are on top of the Amazon sales rankings (here it is).

Of course this is a very personal statement made by Ken Rockwell (Click here) made it’s nice to read it anyway: “World’s Best Digital Camera? It’s been the LEICA M9 since 2009, and the X-Pro1 just might take that crown away from the M9. We’ll see. The M9 wins because it makes great images and handles well, even if the M9 is noisy and klunky compared to a real LEICA, but the X-Pro1 seems to offer the same or better image quality, with the same brilliant simplicity, with a body design that’s 60 years ahead of the primitive LEICA M9.

Mike Kobal (Click here) made a short NEX-7 versus Fuji X PRO 1 comparison.