Brilliant! riflessifotografici XF14mm review (Donato Chirulli)


street sun photo streetsun_zps8ca1a57e.jpg

Fuji X-E1 & Fujinon XF 14mm f/2,8 R – Iso  400(Auto) f/11 1/550 sec.

image courtesy: riflessifotografici

The long expected 14mm is finally in the hands of the talented photographer Donato Chirulli of riflessifotografici who immediately put it on his X-E1 and began shooting with it in the streets of Rome.

This lens is of course perfect for architecture and landscape photography. But the 14mm is also important in some particular aspects of street photography. You’ll have to face some challenges, (as the light that a wide angle like this can capture from different sources)… but Donato will tell you how to deal with it.

And, once you tamed this lens, be creative! Sometimes you should forget all the good “composing rules”. This focal length allows you to play for example with perspective, stretching and distorting the image and add new “forms of expression” in the “language” of photography! And that is what Donato did, turning imperfection into beauty!

It’s a review, it’s a photography lesson, it’s art… brilliant work!

Ah, I forgot, you want to know about chromatic aberration, distortion, aperture ring, backlight performance, see 100% crops and more… so just read the whole review here (translated version)… and enjoy the pictures. (If you want, tell us your favorite shot in the comments)!

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Fuji X-E1 & Fujinon XF 14mm f/2,8 R – Iso 320 (Auto) f/4,0 – 1/30 sec. -0,3EV

floor photo floor_zpsf43c1552.jpg

 Fuji X-E1 & Fujinon XF 14mm f/2,8 R – Iso  400 (Auto) f/8,0 1/30 sec.
distortion photo distortion_zps3250b0ab.jpg


  • Christian

    Great work!

    I love the shot with the couple kissing in the middle of the webpage – great review!

  • David Cartier

    The REAL Fuji guys!

  • Peter

    Some great photos for sure. My favourite is the one at the top of this page, I just love the simplicity.

  • sepo

    “It’s a review, it’s a photography lesson, it’s art… brilliant work!” ?
    Hm… read it and wanted to see the brilliant work.

    Unfortunately, I can´t find it. ;) I don´t know Donato or his work. Probably, he has a huge portfolio and is an established photographer… but this selection of pictures is nothing more than a couple of snapshots, not really composed, sometimes a lot intentionally underexposed etc. This is quiet ok, but not something I would call “brilliant” or “art”.

    I´m not judging Donato, because maybe it was never his intention to show us “brilliance”, but I don´t like the attitude of the editor (admin?) who made it a “photography lesson”.

  • Marcus

    These guys make amazing pictures……….. awesome stuff every time!

  • @ sepo
    I apologize if my shots don’t satisfy you…… ;-)

  • sepo


    I hope you know what I meant.

    It has nothing to do with satisfaction.

    Actually, some of your pics are really good and some are mediocre, because they look like “drive by shooting” from the hip. That´s ok for me, I´ll take a lot of such pics…

    What bothers me is the kind of gloryfication “amazing”, “art”, “brilliant” that the editor/admin and also some commenters are doing. This is a little too much, I think.

    Question is, what do think about the set of pictures?

    • patrick

      De gustibus non est disputandum.
      I liked them a lot, the images and the review. I liked the way he explained how to use the 14mm in street photography, what you should consider when you shoot with it and much more. Therefore I called it a “lesson”. And I called it art, because, IMHO many shots are really great. Just look at other reviews I posted of riflessifotografici in the past, and you’ll see that the word “amazing” is used by other FR-readers to comment riflessifotografici reviews.
      Nevertheless, I comprehend your critics. I always try to stay behind the scene, delivering you with news, reviews, deals and rumors, letting you discuss in complete freedom the posts. But hey, sometimes enthusiasm erupts and my fingers type what my soul feels. Riflessifotografici has its stlye, and I like it a lot. And, although Italian is not my mother tounge, I’m lucky that I’m able to read them in the original version, and not the google translated one!
      So, sepo, I think you are right, and I’m right at the same time, because “De gustibus non est disputandum”. And if I was too enthusiastic for your taste, don’t worry, it will take some time before they post their next review ;-).
      the editor/admin Patrick

      • sepo

        Now since I know about the moment of passion in which your posts came into existence I feel a little pity about my eventually harsh criticism… Thanks for your honesty. :)

        • patrick

          hey, you’re free to criticize… you were not offensiv, and that’s what matters. So follow fujirumors, and feel free to say whatever you think! ;-)

  • David Cartier

    Hey Sepo – if you would please direct us to some of your “drive by shooting” then we could consider this question more from your point of view.

  • Yusuf

    I agree with the admin these pics are beautiful. Niot every photo needs 4 hours of planning. Sometimes capturing the moment is as special as a detailed planned photo.

    Art is art and that’s why beauty or art lies in the eye of the beholder.

  • kuishinbou

    Nice set of images! Thanks for sharing…looks like a great addition to the Fuji lens lineup.

  • Es

    I agree with sepo.

    While the images are good, the horrible amount of exaggeration – “brilliant”, “work of art”, etc – is honestly tiring and thrown around waaay too much. A good set of images, but as somebody who shoots a lot with the Olympus 7-14mm lens on a different system I don’t find any of this special.

    For starters, the B&W treatment is too harsh. Waaay too much contrast, blown whites, blown blacks.

    There is very little use of the shallow f/2.8 depth of field. This I was most interested in. I guess simply using UWA with shallow depth of field isn’t as interesting as one might think.

    Also, looking at most of the pictures, I can’t stop but think that the photographer would have been better served with an UWA zoom lens like the upcoming Fuji 10-24mm, in many cases zooming out, in others zooming in.

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