Double firmware update for the X-S1 and X100.

For all of you owning one (or all two) of the cameras here are the links to the firmware download:

1) X-S1 version 1.01 (Click here to download).

  • 1.Face detection function is upgraded to keep tracking face by means of face-tracking AF function. As this function is activated even in movie recording mode, AF on detected face in the movie becomes more effective.
  • 2.Blooming (White disk) phenomena, which can be observed in EXR AUTO mode, is reduced.
  • 3.Compatibility on Mac OS 10.7
    When the camera is connected to Mac PC on Mac OS 10.7, the camera is effectively recognized. Additionally, compatibility on RAW FILE CONVERTER EX with Mac OS 10.7 has been confirmed.
  • 4.AF confirmation sound was controlled on “SHUTTER VOLUME” in the SET-UP menu. By this update, this sound is controlled on “OPERATION VOL.” in the SET-UP menu, just similar to another functions.
  • 5.The image area with high brightness might be recorded as “black-out” area, just in case of dedicated shooting condition, This unpleasant phenomenon is improved.
  • 6.When the flash is used under macro shooting condition, light-reflected area was shown in greenish. This unpleasant phenomenon is improved.

2) X100 version 1.20 (Click here to download).

The firmware update Ver.1.20 incorporates the following issues.
After updating into this version of the firmware, some new functions will be added and further improvements will be observed. Those are shown as “Improved items” below.


Fuji: The only way out of the white orb problem is a new sensor

For months now we saw Fuji trying to solve the famous “White Orbs” problem on the X10 and XS-1 cameras. Even the recent firmware updates couldn’t solve the problem. And at the end of story after Fuji had to take a drastic decision. A new sensor has to be made!

Here is the full Fuji press release:

March 12, 2012

The FUJIFILM X10 and X-S1 digital cameras were made available by Fujifilm late last year, and have been generally very well received by customers, who admire the excellent picture quality, manual zoom lens and viewfinder.

However, we did receive some inquiries concerning the so-called ‘white disc’ or ‘blooming’ occurrence, where exceptional highlights in the picture can appear as strongly delineated rounded shapes. This ‘blooming’ effect can occur with all digital cameras which use CMOS sensors, to varying degrees.  It can also occur with the X10 and X-S1 when shooting in certain conditions, e.g. cars with front lights shining in dark night scene. The X10 and X-S1 are fitted with a very advanced sensor, which gives excellent picture quality and low noise, but which does give a different ‘blooming’ effect from other cameras. 

Fujifilm has a long-standing history of delivering top quality products to the market. In response to our customers’ comments, we have worked hard to find an improvement to reduce the ‘blooming’ effect of the X10 and X-S1. Below are the actions we have undertaken.

  1. In February, we announced a firmware upgrade for the X10 (version 1.03) which does reduce the white disc occurrence specifically in EXR mode. It works by identifying scenes that are likely to get ‘white disc’ blooming.  When the camera recognizes such a scene, it automatically increases the ISO and optimizes DR (dynamic range).  As the ISO increases, the white discs are less evident. * New firmware for the X-S1 will be available from March 21, 2012.
  1. We will also develop a modified sensor, which will more universally resolve the ‘white disc’ blooming effect in all modes. We are working hard to make this new sensor available from late May 2012.

We encourage any customer with an X10 and X-S1 who has experienced the ‘white disc’ phenomenon to call their local authorized Fujifilm service centre.

Fujifilm is committed to delivering the highest quality products to the photographic community, and is happy to provide this improvement.


The question remains if current X10 and XS-1 owners will be able to trade in the camera for a new one with new sensor…

New Fujirumors theme coming mid March. Designer got a huge cold :)

Dear readers!

This is a very new website and I long worked on a complete new and very sexy design for it. Too bad the Designer got a massive 10 days cold in late February and he is now busy catching up with all the work on his websites. He told the FujiRumors theme should be up by mid March (one week). I am really looking forward to it as it’s really complicated to write articles now when I know that the layout will be different in a few days.

So be patient, soon the firework will start!
Patrick (FR admin)

Fuji X PRO 1 in Stock in Japan!


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