Fuji X system manual downloads!

Image on top: X PRO 1 with extra attached grip and flash. Doesn’t look that sexy anymore :)

Fuji X-Pro1 manual now available online as pdf document (Click here to download). And there is also a X lens manual (Click here to download).

Fuji X PRO 1 official price and release date in Japan!

DC.watch (Click here) announced the official price and release info of the X PRO 1 camera and X-mount lenses:
1) The X PRo 1 camera will be released on February 18 and cost 150.000 Yen. At current conversion rate this corresponds to 1475 Euro or 1930 Dollars.
2) The 18mm f/2.0 lens and the 35mm f/1.4 will cost 55.oo0 Yen each (540 Euro or 708 Dollars).
3) The 60mm f/2.4 macro will cost 60.000 Yen (590 Euro or 773 Dollars).

My guess s that the price in Dollar will be much lower than what suggested by the simple conversion rate. The price in Euro could be more or less right!

P.S.: Fuji X PRO 1 can be pre ordered at Expansys US (Click here), Expansys UK (Click here), Expansys Canada (Click here). And you can sign up for notifications at Amazon (CLick here), BHphoto (Click here) and Adorama (Click here).

New X PRO 1 ISO test at Focus Numerique!

Click on image to enlarge

The french website Focus Numerique (Click here) posted a full X PRO 1 ISO test. The conclusions: Up to ISO 1.600 noise is almost invisible. At 3.200 ISO grain is very fine and there is a just a little color noise. A larger chromatic noise is only visible starting from 12.800 ISO. Focus Numerique writes that thei are truly impressed by that result!

Can’t wait to see more tests soon!

P.S.: Hands-on at Photographybay (Click here).

First Fuji X PRO 1 ISO test! (X PRO designer talks with Techradar)

Good Morning! Time to catch up with the latest weekend news around Fuji.There is finally a first ISO test at the until know to me very unkown vladdodan.ro website (Click here). There are many image samples ot analyze and even a Fuji X PRO 1 versus Nikon D700 comparison (Click here). Its difficult to judge the image quality for now but here is a crop to see the difference (CLick on image to enlarge):

The Fuji image looks sharper but this also could depend from the lens quality. More testing is needed!

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