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Capture One Pro 9: Download Now Completely Reworked and Improved Fujifilm Film Simulations Profiles (incl. ACROS)


Capture One still does not officially offer Fuji Film Simulation profiles. But don’t worry, FXF member fleckintosh and Scottie Wang invested a lot of time (several weeks!) to create and optimize their own homebrew:

Here is a completely reworked, refined Set of ICC Profiles for Capture One, made for X-T1. It matches the In-Camera Filmsimulations much better than the original Set, which I posted last October here.

Another Set, made for X-Pro2, Incl. ACROS ICC Profiles, is also included in this post. I renamed them to have an alternative Option for my X-T1. These ICC are slightly different, Blacks & Shadows & Colors are more decent.”

Happy Download at the FXF here.