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Canon Promotes its Cameras with Images Taken by Fujifilm X-T1… and Nikon Used Fujifilm X100 on Posters to Promote Nikon’s Heritage :)


If true, than this is a major PR fiasco for Canon.

According to Fstoppers here, Canon Italy as well as Canon Spain have used images taken by well known (and very talented) photographer Elia Locardi, without permission of Elia, in order to promote their own digital cameras their social media (such as Canon Spains instagram). Canon did some editing work by replacing the sky with the one in Elia’s image… probably they prefered the Fuji colors for the sunset ;) .

Canon manager recently incredibly admitted here they are lagging behind in innovation. So their new business model seems to be to switch to Fujifilm :)

And speaking of PR that goes wrong, you might remember how back in 2016, Nikon used the Fujifilm X100 on posters to promote the “Nikon heritage”.

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