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Camera of the year 2012? Stuff UK says: “Fuji X-10”


image courtesy: Fujifilm

Very good JPEG quality, impressive dynamic range and noise performance, fast, sharp, excellent in-camera raw conversion, good handling, bright optical viewfinder… this are just some of the PROS that dpreview (click here) noted about this camera. Dpreview says that the “X10 offers much to like for those who are willing to sacrifice pocketability for external controls. As such, it easily earns our Silver award.” Read the review here, according to them it’s the “best advanced compact around, and a retro-tastic joy to use.” The X-10 beats also the Olympus OM-D E-M5, Canon EOS 650D, and, yes, even the Sony NEX-7. Click here to the award 2012.

On ebay you find all the Fuji X-10 available here on slidoo (click here). Just choose your country to filter the results and find all the X-10 available in your country.

The X-10 is now to have at Amazon US with a $50 price drop, for $550 (click here to see the X-10 at AmazonUS).

At Amazon Germany there is a 22% price drop on the Fuji X-10 (click here to see)

At Amazon Italy there is a 100€ price drop: X-10 click here

At Amazon UK there is also a price drop: (click here)

No price drop at Amazon FRA (click here)