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Affinity Photo, the Photoshop Alternative? Test now the BETA version for FREE (Mac)!


It’s called Affinity Photo and its beta version has just been released (and you can test it for free, if you own a MAC!). The Promo Video at Vimeo looks definitely promising. Is this the real alternative to the Adobe’s Creative Cloud?

For now, the X-series RAF’s supported are (according to the Affinity Forum): Fuji X-Pro1, Fuji X-S1, Fuji X100, Fuji X100S, Fuji X10, Fuji X20, Fuji X-E1 and Fuji XF1

The question for Fuji X-shooters is: how does it handle the X-Trans files? So, if you own a Mac, just download it for free and let us know what you think about.

POSTED EARLIER TODAY: New Fuji roadmap, First image of the XF 35mmF2 WR lens, XF16mmF1.4 + 90mmF2 WR lens will be weather sealed too.

via petapixel via creativebloq.