Adobe: improved X-Trans support soon (film simulation support)!


 photo adobe_zps025c6281.jpg

Something is moving at Adobe (click here)…. it’s whispered that the company will soon improve the support for the X-Trans RAF files. What I know about it until now is this:

I’ve been told that, with the next update, Adobe Lightroom and Camera Raw will support Fuji’s Film Simulations. So you can finally put the Fuji X-Trans RAF’s in Lightroom and the software will be able to reproduce faithfully the various Film Simulations mode (Provia – Velvia – Astia – ProNeg Hi – ProNeg. Std – B&W Monochrome +Ye+R+G).

It will be compatible with every X-cameras, including the X-T1!

P.S.: But that’s not the only good news I’d like to spread today. Canadian readers who purchase the X-T1 until March 31 will get the vertical grip for free. Check it out.

And a must read in these days:  Rico’s X-T1 first look here!


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  • This is great news!

  • Jer

    I’m interested in investing in the Fuji X system but have been turned off by support for RAF files. I would be very interested in knowing what X system user’s workflow is when processing Fuji Raw files. Any advice would be greatly appreciated;^)

    • Pelle

      Have you seen the work produced by Fuji shooters? Support is more than adequate. I use lightroom.

    • nwcs

      I usually use Lightroom and PhotoNinja when I want the highest quality. Although if the rumored update to Lightroom substantially improves x-trans support then maybe only Lightroom again.

      Support today is much better than a year ago.

    • support today is really good.

      aperture, capture one, photo ninja, irident and some other minor converters make a great work extracting details.
      i use only lightroom, form dam and raw editing, talking about details extraction it’s worst then the others converters i listed, but really you need to be a pixel peeper to stop the difference in normal and print use.
      In particular situations where i need a macimum detail i prefer to use capture one.

      • Hans K. Aspenberg

        It’s not only lack of details, or too many of them with artifacts around edges, but also tonal ranges. Saturated colors are posterized by LR, especially the reds. I have seen this on pictures taken with my EOS 5D MkII, but even worse with pictures from my X-PRo1. See

        • you can easily work on tonal range or buy some LR preset (i am using the reallyniceimages preset).

          • Hans K. Aspenberg

            You should be sure on that I did an honest attempt. In the example I put on Flickr, I tried to tweak the color saturation and other sliders to get rid of the posterization to no avail. The straight-out-of-camera JPEG or the C1X processed file shows both excellent smooth transitions in the reds. I can post the RAF-file for you to play with if you would git it an attempt.

          • yes Hans, drop me a link..
            Anyway i do agree that C1 and PN make a better job with the default settings

            normally in LR i have more “gre/cyano” sky and oversaturated red and warmer WB.

          • Hans K. Aspenberg

            Hi Marco, The file is now posted as containing both the RAF and the JPG from the camera. Have fun!

          • Hans. i made a simple test in Lightroom using 2 differents settings.

            the default lightroom rendereing in ugly in this situation really too warm and too contrasted.
            here you can check them

            (the OOC jpeg is in the lower row)

            in both cases i see more detail in the reds looking at the 2 edited raw than the original jpeg imho.

            you can download the XMP used here if you want

            here a photo ninja almost default conversion

            anyway looking at these strong reds in a srgb space it’s really hard and imho the problem u have with clipped reds come from srgb’s reduced gamut..

          • Hans K. Aspenberg

            Hi Marco, and thanks for your efforts. Despite those, I still see a slight posterization in the reds in the central tulip that doesn’t occur in the SOOC JPEG nor in the PN copy. Anyway, I’ll look into the XMP-file later today and see if there are something more to be done… Thanks again!

    • Iridient Developer is very good and Aperture improves on LR / ACR concerning the smearing / ‘watercolour effect’ problem, though both are Mac only. Raw Photo Processor is also good but again Mac only and it has a complicated interface . But as many here are saying Photo Ninja (Mac and PC) is really very good indeed and I would agree with that. The demosiacing, which apparently determines this smearing problem or lack of it, is very good indeed. Shows exactly what the X-Trans sensor is capable of. I have a lot of blog posts on it – and I also did an interview with the developer, JIm Christian here –

      Hopefully Adobe will go further than just acknowledging the film presets and improve their processing of Fuji X raw files significantly. I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing that I didn’t have to use two software programmes to achieve the best results possible with my X files.

      Now whether it’s Adobes fault or Fujis fault or a combination of both, there is no doubt that currently LR and ACR provide probably the worst raw file conversions of all the major apps. And I include the Silkypix / Fuji software in that as well. Too much smudging of fine detail and too soft are valid criticisms here. When you consider that these are the most used raw developing software solutions at the moment then that is obviously not an ideal solution.

      As Fuji X users it is probably down to us to keep pushing Adobe and Fuji for a better version of their software concerning these cameras and this sensor. I did actually even sign a petition at to that end. Whether people are happy or not with the current LR / ACR option is not really the issue. There are just as many who aren’t and reading your post it’s obvious that there is a perceived problem with Fuji raw conversion which you have picked up on. And in this case that perception is true.

      However if you can get your hands on a Fuji raw file (Try Photography Blog and Imaging Resource) and download a 2-week trial copy of Photo Ninja from Picturecode then you may see just exactly why we all make such a fuss about these cameras and this sensor.

      • Jer

        Thank you soundimageplus, Your advice will be very useful for me. I’m on a Mac platform and have Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5. I will take your advice and get my hands on a Fuji RAW file and get a trial version of Photo Ninja. Also thank you for your blog links…I’m sure it will be a great help to me. I’m just now moving from film to digital so any help I can get will be very useful to me.


  • Wally

    Does anyone know anything about the U.S. availability of the vertical grip? I can’t find anywhere to order it and see nothing else about it.

    • jypfoto

      At this point it appears to be Canadian only, similar to how Austrailia was giving away the grip with the E-M1 promo instead of the flash/adapter in the US.

      I know some people are buying the body only in Canada and importing it it the US. With the current exchange rate now, it’s around $1,165 USD for the body and free grip. But you don’t get a US warranty as it’s not global and you would have to ship it back to Canada to get it serviced. So you would have to be comfortable buying a ‘grey market’ camera.

    • Jer

      Thank you soundimageplus, Your advice will be very useful for me. I’m on a Mac platform and have Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5. I will take your advice and get my hands on a Fuji RAW file and get a trial version of Photo Ninja. Also thank you for your blog links…I’m sure it will be a great help to me. I’m just now moving from film to digital so any help I can get will be very useful to me.


      • BenC

        I also use LR and PhotoNinja. I’d take a look at this article on setting up an easy worflow:

        Basically, you set LR to export a TIFF and stack it on top of the RAW image. Then you edit the RAW in PhotoNinja and export the image as a TIFF overwriting the file stacked on top of the RAW in Lightroom. Now you do your normal Lightroom edits on the TIFF. Because the edits are non-destructive, you can always reprocess the RAW in PhotoNinja and overwrite the TIFF again without impacting the Lightroom edits.

        • Jer

          Thanks BenC, I would have never in a million years have figured that trick on my own. I especially like a non-destructive workflow as you’ve explained. Thanks also for the link to the article;^)

        • Mguel

          Nice workflow!!! thanks for sharing!

    • Broadway Camera in Vancouver, BC is listing the X-T1 at $1299.99 CDN + the free grip. If you’re in the Pacific Northwest it would be worth ordering from them and then simply driving across the border to pick it up. Hop and a skip from Seattle. You’d probably also get another 10% off with the exchange rate and would save on international shipping. Your choice to declare or not on the way back : )

      Awesome service – here’s the link:

  • Nils Jakob Clemmensen

    Sort of great news :-/ Unless basic RAW processing is updated to improve upon fine detail the ability to emulate JPG color rendition isn’t all that fantastic. Or is it just me?

    • Plextor


    • Mguel


    • chris

      I don’t know… I did a side by side comparison of photo ninja, capture one, and lightroom, and without the “false detail” added, the detail extraction was exactly the same. Adding an algorithmically “guessed” extra level of detail doesn’t qualify has more detail extraction, IMO.

  • bok3h

    Sounds great, but the next version of lightroom will probably be subscription only and that’s not a good thing.
    What we need is a better support of X-Trans in the 5.4 update, not in the next major version 6 where they could add the various Film Simulations.

    I previously had version 4.4, then bought 5.3 to support my X-E2, I should’nt have to buy another version only to fix their demosaicing algorithms…

    • Jonas you can get the photography subscripción from adobe for just 9.99 that get you Photoshop CC and Lightroom. Thats not a bad Deal…

      • Vlad

        For the first year.

        • nwcs

          Not for the 9.99 photography bundle. They’ve indicated they’ll go beyond a year at that price. It’s not guaranteed, of course. The way I look at it is if I keep getting $10/mo and get updates (including LR 6) then it’ll be a good value since I updated every version anyway.

          Hate the service slavery but for now it can work. When it doesn’t maybe there will be some legitimate competitors.

      • They declared LR would continue to be sold as a boxed program…but that was before the cloud version…if they do that wouldn’t be a nice move.

        The subscription model was and still is a sensitive issue for a lot of people and not everybody see it as a “good Deal”…

    • nwcs

      It likely will be in a 5.x update instead of 6. Adobe has said that Lightroom will stay perpetual license for now. I finally caved in on the 9.99 deal (you must have Photoshop CS 3 or up to qualify) last week. But I’m not sure if that includes the next Lightroom, either.

  • Jonas

    Sounds great! When I clicked on this article I thought it’d just be about the new sensor’s color pattern again, but reproduction of film modes is a nice bonus.

    Actually, JPEG’s from the Fuji X cameras also encode which film mode was used when photographing in the EXIF data, so this could in theory be shown by Lightroom, but I don’t think it supports that.

    • Jonas

      Oops — I misread. I thought this would be about both improved RAF details AND film modes, but apparently it’s only an enhancement to get the latter. That’s too bad if true, since there’s still room for improvement there for Adobe.

      • MJr

        Yeah lets hope it’s both, it’s not unlikely.

  • Rob

    By next version, do you mean 5.4 or 6.0 ? I’m about to buy 5.3 and might wait for 6.0 if it was worth it…

    • MJr

      There’s between 1 or 2 years between releases, so it could be in 4 months, or 16. I’m guessing it’s not going to be 4.

    • MJr

      Actually, there’s always a public beta too before release which takes months as well. Don’t think they’re anywhere near a full release at the moment really.

      • Rob

        Good point… Thanks!!

  • film simulations support is nice, but it isn’t where ACR is lacking in comparison with other raw developers

  • As a portrait shooter, jpg are completely useless because of the skin smearing issue.

    • TAZ

      I’m a portrait shooter as well, & have no issues with skin smearing, shooting with jpeg. You probably need to learn how to use your camera better, or you’re just a troll..

      • zweitfoto

        Don’t accuse others being trolls and not being able to use their gear – no need for that.
        That said, I have no particular skin smearing issue but Lr is generally smearing details of X-Trans-files compared to Photo Ninja, which is way better in this regard. Some side-by-side comparisons are really scary ;-)
        That’s why so many of us wait for an improved demosaicing and not for film simulations.

        • Mguel


    • MJr

      Actually skin tones are one of Fuji’s strong points. If there’s too much ‘smearing’ just lower the noise reduction … And who likes detailed skin blemishes and wrinkles on their portraits anyway, if you keep it on it’s free skin smoothing.

    • MJr

      But wait a second .. why are we talking about JPG after news about Lightroom ?

      • TAZ

        Good point, don’t know why Pelle brought up false information about jpegs?

    • Geoff

      I have never used my X system for professional work.
      Could you provide us an example?
      Also, have you tried different sharpness/noise reduction settings?

      • Matt

        Drop the term ‘professional’ because you and every other poster that parades that term around here isn’t. Your job is photography and that is how you make your money. Proficiency in camera settings to deliver competent photos does not allow you to rank above an equally skilled photographic hobbyist who has every potential to rival your camera output.

        Yes, the universal workplace has long badged people who earn a living out of photography as a ‘professional’ but I know that ‘the best camera is one that is always with you (think iPhone) that takes the money-making shots’. You are proficient and professional if you can take a photo with context.

  • Martin

    Sounds really really GREAT! Hope they’re doing so…

  • Andrei

    Is the grip only free if I purchase from CanadaCamera, or is it a Fuji promotion/ rebate for all Canadian stores?

    • patrick
    • Jon

      A lot of places are offering this deal. Leo’s, Henry’s, and others. This might be a Canada wide promo.

      • Jon

        Just saw Aden Camera has the same deal for free grip, + they are throwing in a free Sandisk Extreme 32GB card.

  • Charles Watts

    Finally! Thank you Fuji! The future looks great!

    • victor

      “the future’s so bright I gotta wear shades”

  • mau

    At the moment for me this dont care..really happy with the jpg from my little moster x100s ☺

    • Krzys

      I am happy with the jpgs too but changing their settings (e.g. film simulation) using the in-camera converter for a bunch of files is annoying.

  • Kevin


  • Christian

    Capture One support ICC profils for the Fuji “films”… since a year ;)

    • It doesn’t have the Fuji profiles…it only has the following: Film Extra Shadow, Film High Contrast, Film Standard and Linear Response.

      Some may say that Capture One uses different names for the Fuji profiles but in reality those profiles differ from the Fuji ones (regarding the output)…

      • Christian

        I was talking about the ICC some guy over at dpreview did a while ago, free download and Voilá Astia, Velvia all there ;)

  • victor


    This is pretty awesome! :) Though I’ve been using vsco film with a modified preset on my fuji files and it’s been working great so far… love the colors. I’ve never seen any of those “watercolors” people talk about in Lightroom. Although I also don’t remove noise as aggressively as most people do, especially not Fuji noise. I even add a little noise before print, especially larger prints.

    That said, I also tried a demo version of Iridient and I have to give it to the developpers… hands down, awesomely crisp files every time. It just doesn’t fit my workflow unfortunately. So if Lightroom can get anywhere near that… AWESOME!

    • Geoff

      Same here, Lightroom noise reduction turned off (except for chrominance, set to 10 generally), then VSCO or Replichrome to find the colors/mood I want.
      I love the result!

      Iridient…would love to try…is there a version for Windows anywhere???

  • Anton

    When dxo mark will support it and publish test results?

    • Why do you need the DxOmark tests? All those tests are for guys who prefer to live the photographic phenomenon from the front of their monitor and not from the back of their viewfinder/lcd. DxOmark praises Sony/Nikon (the sensors). A camera is not about the sensor only. Canon has bad sensors according to DxOmark. So what? It’s still the most used brand by amateurs and pros.

      Take better photographs, study the art, go out in the open and don’t waste time with the DxoOmark tests! Those tests are redundant.

    • If you mean DxO support for X-Trans RAW files conversion, they said they will not do it.

  • I pre-ordered from Henry’s in Ottawa and did indeed get the vertical grip thrown in at no added cost. Great deal!

  • aperture 3.5.1 is good too, don’t?

    Bergamo upper town

  • DTB

    Capture One will likely still be better for the conversion. And, in my opinion, C1 is far better for b&w conversions too.

    Film simulations will be a nice addition, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on Adobe improving the conversion, as Capture One does a better job at converting my Canon files as well.

    If I wasn’t using Capture One, I would likely use Photo Ninja, as a plug-in to Photoshop, or irridient for the conversion.

    • yes.. anyway let me tell (i bought capture one they started to support the XP1 and i am a former LR user) that actually LR 5.3 is in pair with Capture 7 imho.

      the BIG difference is about photo ninja..

      look, i just did this fast test..

      in PN you can sharpen a lot (tthis example is sharpened at the max) whitout see any artifacts.

      LR on the left, PN on the right..

        • DTB

          Thanks for sharing. Whenever I compare my raw files in Capture One and Photo Ninja, I prefer Capture One. However, they are both very good.

      • donsantos

        Not a big difference. Try lowering the sharpen radius in light room

  • Well, if this follows through it will remain a testament to adobe’s bottom line. Before the XT-1 and what looks like will be a pretty popular camera, we asked and adobe didn’t care much…Now that it looks like we have the numbers, they are starting to listen. Not very kaizen of them…Maybe they can learn from Fuji.

  • JWC

    That’s good. I was ready to commit to Capture One. Now I can just wait for this Lightroom update. Meanwhile, I’ll probably still use Capture One.

  • Being Canadian, this is tremendous news… And the LR update is great too. It’s like Christmas all over again!

  • jjestar

    I hope they make that same offer to US buyers!

    • Taz

      Hope so as well!!

  • Doug

    So, what do you guys say? Is it worth it to go for the Canadian special? I already have my pre-order on Amazon.

  • mnml

    Just placed my pre-order, via FR, for the body and a 56mm. Was thinking of going to the Canadian route to get the free grip but decided not to. I figure I’ll spend the couple of hundred dollars on the grip since I want a US warranty on the body.

  • filmbueromarx

    Great News about the forthcoming Lightroom Update and the Fuji X-Support.
    Unfortunately there are so less discounts on X-Cameras in Germany.

    • patrick

      check out this: fotomundus24! A FR-reader told me you get €100 discount on X-gear. buy for normal price, call them, and they will apply the discount. Maybe it’s better if you call by yourself before (I’m not located in Germany) to check it.

  • Martin

    Any news about Apples`s Aperture? When will they support the xe 2 RAW files?


    Any news if the States will get the Grip for free as well, or is it just a Canada thing?

  • jjestar

    Marco, it looks to me on my screen that the LR image is sharper. I cant really comment on the color because your dog is not here but I like the grays on the LR image better also.

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