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a white debut with the X-E1 and 18-55 lens! “on-snow” review



Federico Frugoli sent me an email with his first X-E1 impressions. Here is his review (see his website here).


I’m Federico Frugoli, an Italian photographer, and I wanted to share with you my first impressions of the X-E1. I’ve passed my first week end with it in the mountains. So I woke up early, and climbed the beautiful mountains. There was a lot of fresh snow, and I tested the X-E1. Here are my first impressions:

-Body and lens built quality are very good, surely superior to my micro43 Lumix!

Excellent ergonomics, even for my big hands (I’m 2 meter high). There are no problems with too small buttons or buttons you could press inadvertently.

-The EVF is perfect. I read about a lag, but I didn’t noticed it.

The 18-55 is impressive to what belongs the lens flares. I’ve never possessed something like this. The Fujinon lens is almost perfect!

-The AF is not as good as the micro4/3 Lumix. Also my 3 years old GF1 is faster and in bad light conditions the X-E1 is sometimes hunting for the focus for too long. It’s not a problem for my needs, but for someone else this could be a problem. Fuji has to improve this!

-What belongs the focus, I’m working slower with the X-E1 than with the Lumix. And I can’t change the exposure comp once that the focus is locked! With the Lumix exposure is always calculated in real time and visible in the LCD/EVF. With the Fuji you have to half press the shutter button to do metering calculation.

-Out-of-cam JPEG quality is impressive!

-High ISO performance is great

-The “Q” button is very useful

-Good battery life. I’ve read about a bad battery life, but it’s quite good to me… and batteries cost less than Panasonic batteries

-The live histogram is quite difficult to read. I was used to that of the Panasonic, where you could also change the position of the live histogram on the LCD/EVF

-The exposure comp dial is not resistant enough. You risk to move it inadvertently.

-Impressive dynamic range!

That’s it for now,

keep up your good work

ciao, Federico

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