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  • MJr

    Did you forget the actual photographybay link ? ;)

    • admin

      I did! Thank you very much. :-)

  • Glenn Brown

    Can we please forget about focus speed and look at accuracy, my x pro 1 is slower than my D3s but rarely is out of focus. I can not sell out of focus photographs.

    • kuishinbou

      I agree with you…I took some shots with an X-Pro 1 and the AF accuracy was very good, and the sharpness of the images was superb. That said, I am waiting for Fuji to put the new sensor and features in an interchangeable lens camera (replacement for X-Pro 1 and X-E1). When they do so, the X-Series cameras should have both very efficient and accurate AF, which will be fantastic! In my opinion, the X-E1 should have had the new sensor and features (the ones in the X100s), which would have been a better marketing strategy for them ~ they would profit greatly and obtain a much higher market share if they did so! Hurry up Fuji!

  • kuishinbou

    While the AF test is useful, Steve Huff’s comparison of the Fuji X-E1 and Sony RX-1 for image quality and sharpness is not really valid, as Lightroom and Photoshop do not provide proper support for the X-Series cameras ~ Adobe’s support for the X-Series cameras is very poor and is astonishingly negligent! I am surprised that they are not embarrassed! Thus, until someone does a comparison using a RAW file converter that provides proper RAW file support for the X-Series cameras, we really can’t compare these two cameras.

    That said, I am shocked that Fuji has not provided their own software to convert the RAW files, as this issue has been more than a thorn in their side, hindering growth in their market share. And, with their claim that the X-Series cameras have exceptional image quality, it should be in their best interest to ensure that there is full support that can truly unleash the full potential of the X-Trans sensor. If we have already seen the full potential, which I highly doubt, the sensor would still be impressive, but not as great as they have claimed.

    • GreyOwl

      Agreed. There is also,at the moment, no support from DxO Optics Pro 8 either.

    • Actually, Fuji is providing Silkypix 3 for free with every camera, which offers pretty good support for X-Trans cameras. Of course, you may want to upgrade to version 5 for more serious applications and additional features that a Fuji branded converter would never have.

      Here in Germany, you can upgrade to version 5 with a substantial discount of more than 30% if your are a Fuji user and provide your camera’s make and serial number in an online form.

      That said, it might still be nice to get a PC/Mac version of the internal RAW converter that replicates the DR function and the various original film simulations. But that would be a rather basic engine with just a few options, though very easy to use. I’d definitely like it. I’d also like an option for the internal converter to output 16 bit files (like TIFF). That should not be hard to implement.

      • GrauUhu

        My Fuji provided version of Silkypix is I see that on their web site there is a 30 day trail of Pro 5, but I cannot find a UK price; it is priced only in Yen (27000) and US Dollars (aprox. 300) with, as far as I can see, no discount available in the UK. Perhaps a move to Germany is called for………..

      • I think the end price for the nicely localized German SP5 version including VAT is 129 Euros for Fuji users. Sounds reasonable to me. Of course, you could still buy it from the German website (www.silkypix.de) and manually replace the language ressources with those of the English demo version. Or maybe the German version does speak English anyway, when loaded on a English system.

      • kuishinbou

        If they were to provide the option for the internal converter to output 16 bit files (like TIFF), that would be great, for sure. From your experience, do you think the internal converter does a better job – though perhaps more tedious – than the external RAW conversion options available, such as Silkypix and Capture One?

        By the way, thank you very much for all of the great information. I very much appreciate it, and I think everyone else interested in X-Series cameras does too. Have a great day!

      • That depends on what you want and what subject you have shot. The inernal converter is great, it works, it outputs “Fuji colors”. The JPEGs are robust, so you can post-process them in your computer. You can also use film simulaions like VSCO in them. You probably know my Flickr set illustrating the effect of VSCO Film 01 and 02 for Aperture on unedited Provia and Astia JPEGs from a XF1. If not click http://www.flickr.com/photos/25805910@N05/sets/72157632025353727/ and http://www.flickr.com/photos/25805910@N05/sets/72157632488389290/.

        External converters offer more control over sharpening, demosaicing, color grading and exposure. I think Silkypix 5 and Capture One 7 are excellent tools for X-Trans cameras. But as long as you are happy with the JPEGs from the internal RAW converter (I often am), there’s no need to force a different workflow. I simply like to have options, and we do have plenty of those, just look at my article comparing RAW converters.

    • Thomas

      He is using out of camera jpegs, and the sony is crazy sharp. Fuji sensor is great! sony full frame sensor is better, deal with it.

      Best camera is the one thats with you, I have an old D100 that I take out sometimes, still get great shots from it.

      • kuishinbou

        I don’t need to deal with it, as I am not currently a Fuji or Sony user. I am just interested in the Fuji X-Series cameras. And, if you read his review correctly, most of the images are converted from RAW using Lightroom, which is not a viable option for the Fuji.

        • Fly Moon

          Actually Steve provided OOC JPEGs as well.

  • autoy

    What? You mean the Internets have completely blown out of proportion this “Fuji AF issue”? I can’t believe it… :P

  • TW

    At $3250 for the RX1 with the EVF, you could buy the XE kit, the upcoming 14mm and the 60mm and an XF1 to throw in your pocket to boot. Given the RX1 fixed lens, if you’re forced to crop for a portrait or back out for a wider viewing angle, I’d wager the XE sharpness with its alternate glass in place is more than a match for the resolving power of the RX1.

    As stupid as this comparison is… (I mean really, who is really cross shopping these two cameras anyway, the only thing they truly have in common is they’re mirrorless, if anything he should have waited a month or two and compared the X100s) …its happening because the XE knocks it completely out of the park at its price point. Outside of the OMD perhaps, nothing else comes close. What would have been far more useful would have been to do some comparisons with the top APS-C DSLR contenders. A number of us are making decisions around whether or not to move away from our DSLRs or upgrade to the next gen of APS-C/lower end FF ones. Regardless, that “experts” are seriously comparing the XE to a fixed lens camera nearly triple its price is the ultimate compliment.

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