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9-yr old Fuji X-shooter Regina photographs Full Wedding + images for ThinkTank Advert with Fujifilm X-T1 & X-E1


Trenton said it in his entertaining and interesting interview here: “Teach your children photography, and they will never have money for drugs”.

With the saying above in mind, we can say that Pro Photographer Kevin Wyllie ( did a great job with Regina, his 9 year old daughter:

Regina first picked up one of my compact cameras at the age of just 3 and started asking questions about taking photos and setting cameras pretty soon afterwards. She then progressed onto trying my DSLRs (before I moved over to the Fujifilm X-series cameras), as both my girls have been brought up around cameras, so she began going into my bags, lifting a camera out and asking me to show her how to use it.

Reginas passion for photography is big, and her skills improve quickly, so that at the age of 7, she already shoots everything on full-manual control!

Since then she has been on fashion & portrait shoots […] and at the age of just 7 shoots everything on full-manual control, like her Dad does. That Trash the Dress shoot recently resulted in an email from ThinkTank Photo as they wanted to use her photo for a new Facebook advert because I was wearing one of their Skin Set belt systems in the pic.

And finally, with just 9 years and on request of the bride & grooms (who are also close family friends of the photographer), she was “booked” along with his daddy to shoot an entire wedding.

Her equipment? A Fujifilm X-T1 + XF35mmF1.4 and Fuji X-E1 + XF18mmF2. She put all the gear in her new [shoplink 45160 ebay]ThinkTank LilyDeanne Lucido camera bag[/shoplink] and was ready to go :-).

Once back home, it was time to process the RAW files:

As she’s still learning how to edit using Lightroom, I’ll admit that I did guide her a wee bit through the editing process, but these screenshots will, hopefully, show that there really wasn’t much done to them except a wee bit of warming up, some tweaks to the highlight & shadow areas and a slight reduction in vibrance & saturation.

The results (and the whole story) can be checked out at ksgphotography. I’ll just share a few pictures of Regina In Action and some of her Work (all with expressed permission of Regina’s father).

Well done, Regina… and keep it up. Fujifilm should make you the youngest X-photographer ever :-) .

Regina In Action

Some of her Work

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