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7artisan 12mmF2.8 and 35mmF1.2 Announced…. 8 Months Ago!!!… or Why You Should Subscribe to FujiRumors ;)



7artisan 12mm F2.8 and 35mmF1.2

Today I am getting emails from readers about a “new” 7Artisan 12mm F2.8 (check it out at AmazonUS and BHphoto).

* 7Artisan 12/2.8 Customer Review at AmazonUS *
* 7artisans 35/1.2 Customer Reviews at AmazonUS *

But wait… 7Artisan 12mmF2.8? You mean the lens that:

So yes, we have reported on FujiRumors about it already 8 months ago (and people are shooting with these lenses since over half a year already now).

And in case you missed it too, 7Artisan also annouced the 7artisans 35mmF1.2 (check it out at AmazonUS and BHphoto) along with the 12mmF2.8.

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