The 70 X100S improvements over the X100 (51of the X20 over X10) or “what can happen when a camera company listens to photographers”


 photo bh_zpsc38269b6.png

[The X20 is in stock at BHphoto: blacksilver]

Here’s a complete list of all 70 improvements the X100S has over the X100 according to Fujifilm. Read them all here! (or click here for the X20 list).

Here is how the X100S list begins:

1. 16-megapixel sensor, up from 12-megapixel
2. X-Trans CMOS II sensor eliminates need for Optical Low Pass Filter
2. The resolution has improved to match Full Frame domain sensors
3. The Signal to Noise ratio improved to be on a par with Full Frame domain sensors
4. Phase detection pixels allow 0.07 sec Auto focus
6. 1080p 60fps full HD movie
7. Improved start-up time. From 2.0sec to 0.9sec

The X20 list starts with:

1. 2/3-inch X-Trans CMOS II sensor without optical low pass filters improves resolution to as much as a 4/3″ sensor.
2. S/N ratio improved to level similar to Full frame sensors.
3. Phase detection AF allows for AF speeds as low as 0.04secs (compared to X10 0.16secs).

Read them all and feel free to leave a comment and discuss the list, for example: “The resolution has improved to match Full Frame domain sensors“.

Check out also this article here at photographytalk (What Can Happen When a Camera Company Listens to Photographers) They say that “the people at Fujifilm obviously took the comments and advice from users and reviewers seriously. The new X100S includes 70 upgrades, both major and minor, creating a precise photographic instrument that appears to be the right choice for a second camera.” The X100S isa wonderful example of what can happen when a camera company pays attention to its loyal customers and the larger photography market.”

Click the links below to check availability. Click on your ebay or your Amazon to see the in stock status in your country.

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X20:  BHphoto (blacksilver) / Adorama (blacksilver) / AmazonUS (blacksilver) / AmazonUK (blacksilver) / AmazonDE / AmazonITA / DigitalRev / your ebay / your Amazon

  • pixypig

    The camera still sucks, I hate how you cant see whats going on with the exposure with fuji. Even the low end nex cameras do that. Everyone should do themselves a favor and save for a real leica or rx1 and stop playing with this cropped sensor stuff. You’ll only be left wanting something more. Dont settle for less. Fuji’s images look a tad better than nex and m/43 but still look flat. I hope they listen for real and make a full frame. Ive never seen a cropped sensor image that took my breath away. Im only being honest here. Fuji give me a x100F(ff) and take my 3k. Anyway I sold off all my fuji xe1/x100 gear picked up an RX1/evf and havent looked back. .

    • Rick

      Sure wish I had that kind of money to waste flip-flopping around to every new camera that comes along. Why did you buy an XE1/X100 in the first place if you “can’t see whats going on with the exposure”

      “You haven’t looked back” – so don’t come back.

      • pixypig

        I come back to check for full frame updates young one. I have money to toss at cameras because I work hard and make lots of money. Step your photography/business game up and you’ll get there.

      • DI

        Looks like Rick don’t understand the power of FF. Once you are on FF you will never go back.

        • pixypig

          I agree, full frame took me to next level. Lol people think im being mean, full frame is just that amazing. I dont care what company is stamped on the camera as long as its full frame and takes good looking pictures. Cropped sensors just dont cut it these days. Also, if you’ve ever used medium format digital you’ll definitely not want to go any smaller than 35mm ff.

          • BdV

            Yes, some people would be nothing without a FF.

          • Tom

            I’d be interested in knowing if you’ve shot with the Sigma DP/SDs? The Sigmas are renowned for their 3D and micro-contrast rendering, I haven’t shot FF so can’t compare. If you have I’d appreciate your take on the look/feel of their output compared to FF.
            I only wish that I could afford the SD1 paired with the new 35mm Art — albeit I’d wait for the SD2.
            I agree that the X-Trans look flat but that’s surely due to the CFA? Going 8×8 this was always a risk in my mind. I really like the X100S but… I prefer the output of the X100, just don’t enjoy using one.

          • DI

            If Nikon D600 is packed in XE1 body it would be a ‘perfect’ camera.

          • ren

            The camera MUST take good looking pictures so I don’t have to.

      • DI

        Between RX1 and Fuji XE1 (even if it is a gift) my choice would be XE1.
        Over $3,000 camera with a fixed (wrong) wide angle lens, as a concept has no future. RX1 is a snobby amateur camera.

    • Obvian

      I am not sure what you are trying to say here.

      You say that the camera sucks and yet there are people writing rave reviews about the whole Fuji X family and using them and loving it. That instantly makes your statement that they “still suck” kind of false. Maybe you should add an ‘in my opinion’ before that remark.

      It is also obvious from your remarks and your attitude that this range of cameras are not for you or aimed at you. Congratulations on spending $3000+ for an amazing camera.

      You get what you pay for and for this price range I think the Fuji X family is great.

      I will continue to love using my XE-1.

      • tim

        Well, if all those reviewers told you to take the camera and jump of a cliff, would you like up with everyone else at the cliff face and wait your turn to jump?

        Or would you be a bit more critical?

        Personally, I spent lots of $$$ on an X camera, and the images are great … but the camera as a whole is very hard too use. Fuji has exposed lots of functionality, which in reality is compensating for various short comings. Making things worse it is clear that Fuji designs cameras in a way that makes model variations easy (look how many cameras they release each year) but fundamental UI design changes difficult. Want an X sensor, well that comes with a fixed (by firmware) UI. To actually change the UI to something less complex (less buttons more automation) is fundamentally difficult for Fuji to do. When using my camera I spend more time looking a menus rather than looking through the viewfinder – not good!

        Use a better sensor and many problems simply go away.

        So, in summary, I spend $1300 on a x100 with 70 admitted shortcomings … which Fuji addresses for $1300 in the x100s. Total cost so far $2600. Now that RX1 starts to look cheap! And the photos from an RX1 (or Leica or Sigma) are better quality.

        I like my Fuji X camera, however I’m not beyond being critical of it either.

        • Tom

          Do the Fujis not work well in priority modes? Given their all-around ISO performance I’d have expected these cams to be some of the easiest to shoot with i.e, set max ISO and min shutter speed and shoot?
          Combine with histogram in the VFs and you should be fine if you take control of the metering…
          N.B, I’ve never used a Fuji cam but was/am considering an X100s.

          • Obvian

            I would do further research before jumping off said cliff. Such as finding out if there was water at the bottom or how high the cliff was. However I can see where you come from. I was just using those reviews and whatever to say that there are in fact other people out there who use and love them.

      • pixypig

        Obama got rave reviews, is he a good president?
        I bought the first fuji because I wanted a leica. I bought the second because it was said to be almost full frame in quality., it is not. I sold off my stuff and didnt take that bad of a hit. Fuji needs to step there game up and make a ff. keep reading your rave reviews to make you feel better about your purchase. tell yourself its good enough for you, secretly you still want a ff

        • I have a D800. And a D3. A bag full of primes. But when the creative goals and output requirements of a client didn’t require the DoF or resolution of a D800… I’m more than happy using a small sensor. Sensor size does not equate to better images. I’m the former owner of an X10, and will now continue to create and work using my X100S. I find that equipment is HARDLY ever the weakest link for most photographers when it comes to creating better images, this goes for myself.

          If it’s good enough for my clients, it’s sure as hell good enough for me. X10 images:

          • Beaur

            “Sensor size does not equate to better images. I’m the former owner of an X10”
            Lets not go overboard.
            Similar to the pigpixy, I too ditched the fuji. It just doesn’t live up to the marketing hype. For some people X100s could be a great camera, for others its nothing more than a vintage shell with a fussy overrated chip. To each their own, for some the iphone is good enough. I have a feeling fuji with ditch this sensor soon and is working on something full frame and more dev freindly

        • Obvian

          Good thing Im not reading all the reviews and basing my opinion on that then eh?

          Stop being a douche and accept that there are people that love these cameras and don’t need to spend double the price like you to have something they enjoy photography with.

  • Trolls

    The only honest one has spoken.

  • Eric

    Unfortunately not all of the X100S improvements listed actually made it into the production firmware. For example, number 65. In manual exposure mode, histogram adapts – it doesn’t. I hope Fuji will correct this in the next firmware update. Overall a wonderful camera though.

  • DI

    You are right, FF is the only way to go!

  • Trolls II (hobbit)

    1. crappy rear-LCD is inexcusable in a camera of this stature.
    2. $300 point and shoots have 920K dot LCD’s.
    3.AF inconsistent
    4. f2 is close to unusable (
    5. no socialforum support direct (no wifi, no gps, my iphone do)

    I think they posted a list of good futures to cover a list of bad things.

    but no problems, it’s a good camera (expensive), but it’s not the best fixed camera ever.

  • James


    You make me laugh. You bash the Fuji product line as garbage yet you owned 2 of their recent products. Sounds like someone didn’t do their homework before buying and now need a diaper change about it.

    And if you have so much money to throw at camera gear, you must have no brain cells left to make an informed choice. Keep chasing the next ‘cool’ thing. A full frame camera with a fixed lens. Ha ha.

    Anyway, I’m sure myself and the rest of the haters on this site will keep wetting out pants the next time another NEX comes out since Fujis are soooooo yesterday.

    • pixypig

      yesterday as in bad sensors that cant be used with lr. Yesterday as in flat images that look they were taken with an iphone & instagram filters. Im sorry but yesterday is for hipsters. I neeeeeed real quality. Fuji knows its sensors are flawed, thats why adobe is helping them develop a sensor thats more friendly and usable for dev’s.. In theory the sega saturn was better than playstation/nintendo 64 but developers could work with it. It went bye bye.

      • Rick

        Came back here to see if P-pig is still trying to dig him/her-self out of the sty. But lo & behold this a-hole keeps filling it up with BS.

  • Mike

    Despite these comments I just ordered my x100s. Compact small and in my country “only” 900 euro vat included

    I found this video if you want to see how fast is x100s’s AF :-)

  • DI

    Guns don’t kill people; people kill people, it is you, not the camera…

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