Zeiss X-mount lenses: samples, specs and new name “Touit”


zs photo zs_zps71f5ed39.png

image courtesy: Zeiss/ Touit 32mm f/1.8

The Zeiss lenses for Fuji X-mount will be announced on May 7th (follow Fujirumors that day). But now Zeiss published PDF’s, sample shots, and specs at blogs.zeiss.com.

1) The name of the new Fuji X Zeiss lens family will be “Touit“! “We decided to derive the future names of the lenses from the Latin names of birds. That fits well, as birds usually have excellent eyesight and can take unusual perspectivesTouit stands for good visibility, agility, mobility and diversity, qualities which also aptly describe the new ZEISS lenses for mirrorless camera systems.” But read this post at blogs.zeiss.com to know more about it.

2) The first two focal lenghts will be the 12mm f/2.8 and the 32mm f/1.8. Zeiss posted a Brochure here (PDF).

3) If you want to know more about the 12mm f/2.8 lens, visit this website here (with gallery) and read the technical specs in this PDF.

4) For the 32mm f/1.8 visit this page here (with gallery) and read the data sheet here.

that’s all folks

image courtesy: Zeiss/ Touit 12mm F/2.8

 photo pr_zpsf9a3a974.png


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  • This will go well with the British crowd for sure! The Twit-lens!

  • I can’t wait to see the reviews of Zeiss 12/f2.8, compared to Fuji 14mm f2.8. Zeiss 32mm f/1.8 is much less interesting since Fuji has already an excellent 35mm f1.4 which costs only half of the Zeiss.

  • Nice Bokeh!

  • I think they let the marketing guys out of their cage for too long, luckily a fine brush and some black paint can get rid of the stupid name.

    • +1

  • Mechanical manual focus? or another focus by wire? No DOF scale? and TWIT???? I think prospective buyers will be digging out the black tape!


  • Anybody know if these lenses are also focus by wire, or are they directly coupled?

  • As I think, more and more, about the brand name Zeiss have given their Fuji lenses, the more I think that they must have been aware that its pronunciation in the rather vast English speaking world would raise eyebrows. If they weren’t aware, then they really should have been.
    Think of all the wonderful names given to lenses…. Color-Skopar, Elmarit, Distagon, Summicron, Summaron, Nikkor, Makro-Planar….. then think of TWIT :) Perhaps Super-Twit might be the next in line?
    It’s a truly incredible denomination to inflict on what is meant to be a serious line of lenses :)
    Definitely a black paint or tape job.


    • Yeah, I think of Zeiss as a macho company making strong, sharp lenses in black that last. Touit just sounds a bit girly to me. Heh, that’s a cool looking lens, what’s it called, Too it. No really, what’s it’s name. Well, it is made by Zeiss but they call it Touit. Hmmm, must be for one of those little girly cameras :)

      Just like the Johnny Cash song, “A Boy names Sue”, it better be tough else…

  • Touit?

    Oh well, made by Zeiss, its got to be good I guess.

  • I love the name.
    I _will_ buy one and then I’ll have a Round Touit.
    And this will instantly cure my procrastination.

  • it’s blogs.zeiss.com, not blog.zeiss.com

    • thx

  • We have become familiar with the older Zeiss and Leica etc lens names. I bet if we were hearing some if these names for first time people would react in the way we see above. The most important name on the lenses is Zeiss. I don’t care after that.

  • how does this compare with the fuji 35mm? they should have beaten fuji to the 23mm… now that’ll sell…

  • I almost can’t believe the overall content of this thread??? You’re moaning about the name of a lens-series instead of the fact that they actually are being made available to us if we want to buy them?? Jeeez….

    • Doesn’t sound or spell much better than Zuiko really, just have to get used to it s’ all.

      Don’t know what to think about Zeiss without manual focus and that tough metal look. At the moment i am not convinced. The 14mm with DoF scale and snap-to-manual focus is too good to pass on, and the 35/1.4 had little too complaint about as well. The NEX users will most likely be more interested.

      Is it possible to get a old 35mm Summilux around the price of this Zeiss ? Because that then would be more interesting i think, when looking for something more special than the Fujinon.

      There’s also the Voigtlander 35/1.4 for M mount, or why not the big 35/1.2 II. :)

      • It’s both manual focus+auto ditto….

        And You’ill have a more than hard time tracking down a pre-asph 35 summilux at this price – unless it’s either battered up or scratched/scuffed on rear/front element and even then i seriously doubt it;o)

        Also I don’t really get the association to the Zeiss-announcement here? I dont see the Zeiss as something ‘special’ in relation to the Fujinons – I take it You mean character? Both are modern lenses and as such not really that different if I had to take a guess… Just minor differences in bokeh, color, micro contrast and obviously focallengths… Perhaps more substantial in weight in Zeiss-body (think it’s around 260grams for the 12mm Zeissor so and 230grams for the 14mm Fujinon).

        • Hi klehmann,

          we know it’s manual and auto, but what we want to know is if the manual part is mechanical, or if it is focus by wire?

          However, the omission of a DOF scale is unforgiveable, so even if it has the much-wanted mechanical MF, it won’t be much use without a DOF scale.


          • It has AF, so it will be by wire. Far as i know there is no other way.

            There is the snap to manual trick that the 14mm has, but the zeiss clearly doesnt have that. And have you seen the focus ring, it’s just a piece of rubber or something… In no way are they meant to be manually focused it seems unless absolutely unavoidable.

        • Then I’ll stick with real M-mount lenses by Leica, Zeiss (real ones), Voigtländer, the ones with REAL focus, and DOF scales :)


  • No DOF scale in a prime priced over $1,000 lens?! Ironically this excellent technical paper from Carl Zeiss Camera Lens Division describes importance of the DOF scales on lenses:

    The optics packaging was designed by Phoenix Design in Stuttgart, Germany, also responsible for Zeiss Distagon 55/1.4 which… HAS the DOF scale! The Touit design criteria were included in a “50-page design guide”… sadly not the DOF scale this time. How is that for consistent thinking?

    • +1 Very strange indeed

      Have a nasty feeling they ‘saved it away’ and persuaded themselves that we just could use the built-in distance scale on LCD…. Bummer….

  • More wildly overpriced lenses from that other German status symbol company.

  • Is there any word on how to pronounce the name “Touit?” It’s derived from Latin, but it’s a German company… I imagine that it’s said with a French influence (without the second “T”), as in “Toui”


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