Zeiss X-mount lenses preorder available at camerapro (Australia)


 photo zeiss_zpsf8a1121e.png

The Australian retailer camerapro is already taking preorders (with preliminary pricing*) for the Zeiss X-mount lenses (12mm f/2.8 – 32mm f/1.8 – 50mm f/2.8). The preliminary price is of AUD 1.499 (USD 1.550 –  Euro 1.184). Check it out here.

*Pricing listed is anticipation only, where final price and ETA are to be announced.

The new Zeiss lenses will be officially announced on May 7th (source SAR), so stay tuned on Fujirumors for that day! As always, just follow FR, and you won’t miss anything ;).

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  • David

    Who would pay $1,500 for these lenses when we have the amazing 35mm and great 14mm lenses already and the (fingers crossed) brilliant 56mm coming in…

    • JC

      that could be because its even more superior, even better real manual focus

    • klehmann

      Haven’t we been here just very recently even;o) Almost like deja vu – lol

  • http://Nickkessler.com Nick

    I’m trying understand that too.

  • Mike

    Yah I think I’ll pass on these. I think Fuji is offering me everything I want so far. Maybe not everyone but these make no sense for me.

  • Gil

    I also don’t understand… Why medium format prices on a manual lens for a cropped sensor. Is there really a valid market here? I understand “better” but for $1k more they better glow in the dark.

    • klehmann

      What medium format lenses are You buying in this price-segment???? Just curious – the Hasselblads or Phase Ones are certainly not even remotely there….

    • http://www.echotext.com GH

      These are fully automatic lenses, with auto aperture and auto focus, and medium format lenses are generally much more expensive.

    • MJr

      They’re not manual they are autofocus.

  • gearhorse

    it says it’s preliminary pricing, so take it with a grain of salt

    i’m looking forward to seeing how the 12 compares to the fuji 14

    @Gil – the lenses have AF

  • John

    12mm 2.8 = 18mm 2.8 = 1499 $ vs +/-14 2.8 nikon or canon = 2000$ = (not small not light)

    to understand?

    50mm 2.8 = 75mm 2.8 = 1499 $ vs 85 1.8 canon or nikon = 300 $ (small and light too) or 85 1.4 AF-S (same price)

    32mm 1.8 = 50mm 1.8 = 1499 $ vs 50 1.8 canon or nikon = 100$ vs 200$ (small and light too) or (35 1.4 nikon or canon, same price)

    expensinve lens for a crop factor mirrorless…..

    this evil is going to be…a DSLR with these lens

  • roger

    This is marketing 101 – they’re just drumming up site visits ahead of the curve but they don’t have any more clue about availability or pricing than anyone else. We know the 50mm won’t be available for some time yet they already have it up as well. Take these prices with a grain of salt and wait a couple weeks for the real announcement.

    While the optics can’t be too much better than the Fujinons’, the AF perhaps may be different and the 18mm equiv focal length does not overlap with the XF offering. That’s why, in addition to appeasing the Zeiss addicts, these will probably sell moderately well, at least in Zeiss standards. I think Zeiss is realizing their investment by getting these onto other platforms as well – these lenses are not just intended for the XF mount. I think this sensor size market segment will continue to dominate and these Zeiss lenses will be used on a lot more than Fuji and Sony in the coming years.

  • gunzzel

    Welcome to Australia, people. I’m from Melbourne, it’s the land of the big fat rip-off. No-one pays full retail in Australia, which was recently listed as the 3rd most expensive country in the OECD. For example, the recommended retail price of the X100s is $1349 in Australia- that’s $50 more than in the USA- but wait, that’s before you do the sums on the exchange rate, so actually, it’s $97 USD more expensive in Australia. Even where I am currently living in Vietnam, I can buy a fully warranteed X100s for $1250 US. Go figure. Australians are just used to being ripped off, and sadly, we don’t seem to care.
    This lens would be at least $200 cheaper in the US, I’m betting- probably $300 less, and as for grey market HK stock, you’d pay closer to $1000. My advice- sit tight, wait for your next trip into Asia, or buy grey market with warranty from an online store.

    • tim

      Are you sure?

      Aussie price, with 10% GST?
      US Price, without state sales tax?

      Don’t complain, long term historical Aussie Dollar value would make that camera over $2000 … so its not _all_ so bad.

    • cafepeng

      The store with those Zeiss lenses (Camerapro) sells the X100s for $1250. That’s about par I’d say, so we don’t do too badly down under.

  • Jorge

    Agreed. Pass. I can pay the 1500 but I won’t. Why?

    1. I went with the x-e1 for lightweight kit. I have the 18-55 and the 35.
    2. I am waiting on the 10-24. If its as good as the 18-55 it’s a no brainier I will own it.
    Hopefully the 10-24 will be released before my August holiday. I would love to just take the Fuji kit instead of it and my D800, D700 and my Nikon lenses.
    Any one here heard any rumblings as to a release date?

  • Phil Gordon

    I`ll interested to see the final pricing. If the price stays as it is they might have a bit of trouble with sales I think.
    Being a bit more in the Fuji range would only help Zeiss.