XF 14mm in Stock at Adorama and Kenmore + B&H and AmazonUS shipping soon


The new XF 14mm lens is in Stock for the regular price at Adorama (Click here) and on eBay US via Adorama and Kenmorecamera. There is a very limited quantity and I guess it will soon run out of Stock again.

And for those who ordered the XF14mm through B&H. It will be shipped soon! And also AmazonUS expected delivery date is now the 7th February.

XF14mm in stock status check: AmazonUS/ B&H / Adorama / Amazon GERMANY / Amazon ITALY / or on ebay worldwide via slidoo

14mm photo 14bhshipping_zpsa30e6a26.jpg



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  • Imgurian

    I bought the 14mm 2.8 in a shop in Hong Kong (I live there). Seems to be in the shops here, though a lot have sold out already.

  • Lance Andrewes

    When you add the lens into the shopping cart on Adorama, there’s a wee note to say they have stock on the way and expect them to arrive in a few days. That’s as at 6pm Tuesday 5th Feb EST.