XF-14mm: first sample pics


XF 14mm


Brandon Remler posted his first pics shot with the 14mm lens (click here), that will hit the market probably in January. “I am loving the new 14mm lens!!  This is a winner and with it’s smooth focusing in both manual and auto-focus modes it has a great feel.” Now, see the pics here at brandonremler.


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  • MJr

    Horrible snapshots i’m sorry to say. :(
    But at least i see nothing wrong with the lens.
    And smooth focusing in manual sounds good ! :)

    • MJr

      To everyone commenting on the sharpness of the images: I can comfortably say that i have a trained eye for these things, and i see nothing wrong with the sharpness from this lens.

      Now i get why some of you think otherwise because from what i can tell these images (the unedited ones) are quite brightly exposed, cold WB, unsharpened, low contrast, with weak blacks. Basically the default Fuji JPEG output. Add to that low quality JPEGs (highly compressed, through Picasa says EXIF, and probably high color-subsampling), meaning much loss of detail.

      All things considered, many flaws in these images working strongly against perceived sharpness and actual detail of the image, but none of which actually from the lens! It might be difficult to look through all that, but it’s easy for me, and i see only one image where the lens shows flaw and that is the beach-sand shot, where it shows a slight loss of sharpness towards the very corners. So i wonder what aperture that was taken at.

      But everyone who thinks he’s disappointed with the lens, don’t be. It’s looking great so far.

  • Gaffman

    I don’t quite understand why Fuji would allow an employee to post a handful of nothing images as the first samples from this highly anticipated lens… But oh well, there they are.