X100s: Rico’s first samples + Fredrik’s review


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click on the image or here for Rico’s X100s Flickr set

1) Rico Pfistinger just posted his X100s and X100 comparison shots at Flickr here. I’m sure you can’t wait for this Friday’s X-Pert Corner ;-). You can read also his general discoveries on Flickr.

2) In the meantime you can have a look at Fredrik’s website. As Brian Kraft, he also updates his site continuosly. Faster than the X100, in good light conditions it “never fail to find focus or miss focus” but, very rarely, fails to lock focus in low light. “MF response is fast, even in low light. […] You can set the camera to automatically zoom into the MF assist modes (standard, focus peaking, split image) when you touch the MF ring. Half-pressing the shutter will zoom out. Nice feature!” Also the EVF is improved to the previous version, “less lag, if any“. There is really much much more to read at Fredrik’s site. His conclusions:

“If the X100S doesn’t receive the gold award over at DPReview, it has to be for some technical reason which I probably wouldn’t care about. Of course, this is a highly personal opinion, from having used the X100 for two years while being very happy with it, despite its shortcomings.This is the upgrade I have been waiting for. Hat off to Fuji.”

3) Good news also from riflessifotografici. They announced on their website that they will soon publish the X20 and X100s first impressions.

It seems that we could have an exciting “review-week”. So, stay tuned on Fujirumors, I’ll tell you when the riflessifotografi review goes online (already next week?) and….  don’t miss the X-pert corner this Friday with the X100 vs X100s!

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  • http://flickr.com/inthemist InTheMist

    I’m looking forward to a rush of reviews. Rumors of a DX compact from Nikon kept me on the fence. But then it was released (ew!) and I knew the Fuji was for me.

  • autoy

    At first sight I like way better how the X100s exposes, at least it looks punchier and natural, with a more detailed texture, to my eye. By comparison the X100 Provia looks a bit overexposed.