X100S preorder at AmazonUS



Now you can preorder the brand new X100S at AmazonUS (click here).


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  • tthorne

    Whoops I did it again. Looks like I’m an early adopter. I hate myself.

  • Roger

    Any word on release date? Placed a pre-order with Amazon about one hour ago.

  • Marko

    Release date would be very nice to know.

  • Ian

    On the Japanese pre-order page, it says 16th Feb (Sat)


  • Richard

    Priced too rich.

    Fuji had luck with X100 when others(Olympus and panasonic were sleeping on M43 dreams and Nikon Canon had no real new product). However since EM5 OMD and D800E E600 Pentax K5 II came to the market, it gets harder than the X100 era. Prove is in the poor sales with numbers of X-pro and XE1 models sold.

    Fuji wish for repeating X100’s success. The market acceptance price is below $1000, preferred at $800.

    At $1000, the real silent killer is the Pentax K5 II DSLR that has the size, SLR viewer advantage and output performance as well as price advantage.

    Consumers do not have fresh money to buy another new camera after purchased a few already in the past three years.

  • Aleste

    The engadget video says this camera will be shipping by the end of March.