X100s: First Look, test shots and shutter sound at Brandon Remler


X100s menu photo FujifilmX100sComparison4_zps4c903a64.jpg

image courtesy: brandonremler

“Here are some quick shots to illustrate how the Menu/OK button is now raised and feels better, and is easier to control.  It’s amazing how much difference just this extra height makes.”

Fuji put into this camera a lot of improvements. You know about PDAF, split image, focus peaking and more. But there are some more changes that you may like. So, compared to the X100, the X100s has a raised Menu/Ok and a new and improved Auto ISO menu. “The X100s also has a couple new features like the Shutter Count and 0.5 second image review for faster shooting with image playback.” You can see the comparison pics (X100/X100s) in Brandon’s first look here.

In this post here he published his shots with the X-E1 (14, 35 & 18-55 lenses) as well as some snaps with an early pre-production X100s. And for more shots, like the Salad below, click here.

And in Brandon’s youtube video at the bottom of this post you can hear how quite the shutter sound of the new  X100s (with adapter lens) is.

X100s preordersBHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / AmazonUK (should be released on March, 1).

image courtesy: brandonremler

Fujfiilm X100s at ISO 2000 – F/2.0 @ 1/45th

100s salad photo GumSalad_zps6ce3f8aa.jpg

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  • Lorper

    Can’t wait for the XE-2.

    • http://lakeviewman.blogspot.no Lakeviewman

      Well, Lorper.. it seems you have to wait anyway for the XE-2. The XE-1 has been out for half a year, or less, depending on where you live. But, I get what you’re saying… I have the X-Pro-1 myself, it’s been out for a year or so now, so hopefully Fuji will have the replacement out early 2014 – meaning a 2 year cycle like the X100/X100s.

      I’m thinking about getting a 23mm for my X-pro1, but… adding a some extra cash and buying the X100s (which has a 23mm) instead seems tempting after reading about all the improvements :)

  • kuishinbou

    Yes, I am looking forward to these features in the X-E2. Fuji should introduce these features in an upgrade to the X-E1/X-Pro1 as soon as possible. At a camera store today, I took some sample shots with the X-E1, and while the image quality was outstanding, the weaknesses in the AF were very noticeable. The new sensor should mitigate or eliminate those weaknesses, and make the X-Series the best choice for anything below full frame! Hopefully they are smart enough to introduce them soon!

    • Thomas

      If you want a spray and pray camera get an OM-D.

      If you cannot get good shots out of the XE-1 you should get a point and shoot, dont blame it on AF. Check out what http://www.mikekobal.com/ pulls of with his camera. He even does street shooting with it. And the AF with the 18-55 and 14 are fast enough for all except sports.

      Stop complaining, buy a camera you like and go out and shoot, there will always be a better camera tomorrow.

      • kuishinbou

        It is not about whether I can get good shots out of the X-E1, as I already have. As I mentioned above, the image quality is fantastic, but the AF is weaker than most cameras out.

        The point I am making is the new features would make the X-E2/X-Pro 1 a true replacement for my DSLR, as it would be similar in performance. I don’t just buy any camera that is out…When I get a replacement for my camera, it needs to be an upgrade ~ I don’t want to lose anything in performance. The X-E1 is a great camera, but it will be much better with the new sensor and features, which should be an easy upgrade. And, if Fuji is smart, they will upgrade it soon ~ if they want to beat the competition!

        And, by the way, I do just go out and shot ~ I just got back in from taking twilight and dusk photos, and I got a lot of good shots. So, before you start speaking in a condescending tone, think first. And, by the way, I would never get the OM-D, as I have tried it, and I don’t like it at all.

      • kuishinbou

        And, by the way, I am not into spray and pray photography – I focus on nailing the exposure and, thus, take my time. But, if the camera can have better AF, then it should. And, the AF in the X-E1 is not as efficient as that in my camera, and the AF in my camera isn’t even that great. If I am going to spend a lot of money on a new system, I am going to get something that will at least satisfy me for a few years, and there is no camera out now that will satisfy my needs. The x-series cameras are the only cameras that I am interested in, but I will wait till they iron out the kinks, which I believe will be done with the next-generation. Until then, I will continue shooting with my DSLR, as I am still enjoying shooting with it.

        With your condescending tone, I hope you are producing some great work! Irrespective of that, perhaps you should speak to people with more respect…

        • Thomas

          you contradict yourself a few times.

          I just took two this morning with a nikon D100.

          You still dont get my point. Perhaps one day you will.

          [… dear Thomas. I had to change a few things in your comment. I think posted as it is now, you say what you wanted to say in a kinder way. Patrick]

          • kuishinbou

            Haha ~ think what you want…
            And, I didn’t contradict myself at all…I just expressed how I feel and what I am looking for. If it bothers you so much, that is pretty sad.

  • Edwin

    Great work. I own the X-E1. Great cam, but I expected it to be quiet as the x100 to use in theatre for example. So that was un unpleasant surprice. But still I don’t know why the X-E1 uses a shutter wich makes the most sound. When viewing the shutter is up lighting al the time the sensor. When, taking the photo the shutter closes, then it opens and closes for example 1/125sec en then opens again for viewing. ?!?!?!? I hope there will come a firmware upgrade where they disable the shutter and deal with the desired speeds electronically.

    • GrauUhu

      X-E1 has to use a focal plane shutter (interchangeable lens are the reason), whilst the X100 has a lens mounted leaf shutter, which is inherently very much quieter.

      • Wen

        +1, interchangeable lens = no leaf shutter = louder shutter sound + slower flash sync speed. Attach a UV filter can further reduce the shatter noise on X100, just like using wide-angle conversion lens in the video.

  • jw48335

    Does anyone know if they changed the lens at all? The X100 I worked with a while back was pretty soft wide open, and so I didn’t buy one for myself. I’m hoping this one fixes that problem.

  • SCMJoe

    Just more great news for me. I am going to put in my preorder for the X100s… Great video and write up!