X100s: First Look, test shots and shutter sound at Brandon Remler


X100s menu photo FujifilmX100sComparison4_zps4c903a64.jpg

image courtesy: brandonremler

“Here are some quick shots to illustrate how the Menu/OK button is now raised and feels better, and is easier to control.  It’s amazing how much difference just this extra height makes.”

Fuji put into this camera a lot of improvements. You know about PDAF, split image, focus peaking and more. But there are some more changes that you may like. So, compared to the X100, the X100s has a raised Menu/Ok and a new and improved Auto ISO menu. “The X100s also has a couple new features like the Shutter Count and 0.5 second image review for faster shooting with image playback.” You can see the comparison pics (X100/X100s) in Brandon’s first look here.

In this post here he published his shots with the X-E1 (14, 35 & 18-55 lenses) as well as some snaps with an early pre-production X100s. And for more shots, like the Salad below, click here.

And in Brandon’s youtube video at the bottom of this post you can hear how quite the shutter sound of the new  X100s (with adapter lens) is.

X100s preordersBHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / AmazonUK (should be released on March, 1).

image courtesy: brandonremler

Fujfiilm X100s at ISO 2000 – F/2.0 @ 1/45th

100s salad photo GumSalad_zps6ce3f8aa.jpg

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