X100s and X20 hands on… and available in April?



X100S: AmazonUS / Adorama / B&H

X20: AmazonUS: silver and black version / B&H: silver versionblack version / Adorama: silver versionblack version

Europe: UK: Wexphotographic X100s for £1099 / X20 silver and black for £599

Want to see how fast the new AF is? We captured the short video above during a brief hands-on time we had with the camera. It doesn’t show an in-depth test or much variety in subject matter, but should offer a taste of what “world’s fastest AF” looks like in the flesh.” (click here for the petapixel article)

The X100’s charming design and intuitive control scheme are essentially unchanged in the X100S, and Fuji seems to have addressed the original’s glaring performance weaknesses. It’s even taking steps to improve the already-strong image quality.” From the conclusions of digitalcamerainfo.com.

dpreview X20 and X100s hands-on review at the CES here.

Considering the specs I mentioned earlier, plus the Intelligent Hybrid AF System, full HD 1080 video at 60fps, RAW capture, built-in film filters, and more, this camera is a quality investment for photographers looking for a capable all-in-one camera to complement their DSLR kit.” (click here for thedigitalstory article)

Here is Ken Rockwell’s introduction to the X100s. “This Fuji is a masterpiece, and much better made than a $3,000 DSLR , for a fraction of the price. If you’re thinking about it, just get an X100S. I did.

SteveHuff shot this video at the CES. It’s a presentation of the focus methods on the X100s. At the end of the video the Fuji employee says that the X100s will be available in April! As I already posted, Petapixel said “end of March“.

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  • http://www.stockografie.blogspot.com Stockografie

    Thanks for these vids and the information.
    But a big HAHA
    Ken Rockwell has already got one?

    He says “This Fuji is a masterpiece, and much better made than a $3,000 DSLR , for a fraction of the price. If you’re thinking about it, just get an X100S. I did.”

    Wow, how does he do these magic tricks?

    • Colin

      He also says, “my new X100S is already on order”, so I guess when he talks about getting one, he really means pre-ordering one.

    • ihur

      kockwell has always been a sensationist. Trying to flame people with his statement in order to get traffic on his website. Bother not his kockwell, unless you really like him, “like” him like “romantically like” him.

  • bitlisz
  • Kede

    Does it have a focus help on OVF?

    • http://ohm-image.net shigzeo

      That is what I want to know, too. If it doesn’t, I don’t see the point of the digital split image. Split images and prisms always helped exact focus for focusing through the lens, or via a ‘rangefinder’. Having it in the rear LCD or EVF only doesn’t make sense.

      It means that again, OVF is only useful for AF, and when the features get handed up to the X-E and X-Pro, the OVF of the Pro will be useless for all but Fuji glass. I don’t get it.

    • Jon R

      As I understand it, the focus aids of focus peaking and digital split view is only available on the LCD or on the EVF.

  • ihur

    world’s fastest AF? What I read from Fuji, it was the fastest AF speed of any APS-C format FIXED LENS compact camera.

    So using only “world’s fastest AF” is totally be misleading.

  • hexx

    shame that in that video they’re always focusing on the pretty much the same thing :)

  • Trevor

    Do you think they will launch a black version of the X100S in April?

    Also what is the maximum length of the full HD video recording 15, 30, 45mins?

  • http://worldwitholympus.designbykl.com KL Tan

    It’s not a good test if he keeps focusing on the same spot.