More rumors confirm it: X100 firmware update coming soon (end of August?)


 photo c_zps49737a1c.png

An anonymous source just confirmed the release of an upcoming major firmware for the X100 end of August. The update will have a significant number of improvements and X100 users will be impressed! So wait a bit and don’t sell your classic X100… let’s see if rumors are correct and if Fuji will really be able to impress you!

The number of hints is growing. If you want read the previous X100 firmware rumor and select the improvements you’d like to see on your X100.


P.S.: You can share rumors anonymously using the rumor box on Fujirumors.


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  • c0ldc0ne

    Alas, too late for my upcoming holiday trip. Still excited to see how this pans out though.

  • GreyOwl

    Well done Fuji for continuing to support the X100, that’s what I call very good customer service. I look forward to updating mine as soon as possible.

  • Dave

    I hope it’s the 16 megapixel upgrade. J/k

  • Marko

    Focus ->recompose->shoot..shoot shoot, would be nice.
    I hate that, Focus-> recompose->shoot, Focus-> recompose> shoot thing.

    • ben

      Marko, just program the ael button to lock the af. Then you have focus>recompose>shoot>(if you want to) lock af>shoot shoot shoot…

      • Zdeněk Fiala


  • Will

    Hey @ Marko I have found the best solution to this is to use your AFL (AUTO FOCUS LOCK) button and selecting it as the on/off setting in your set up menu. No longer will you need to re compose your shots!.

    • ben

      It seems that I should have read you before answering… Apologies.

      • Will

        Haha no problems at all :) glad to help this community better their knowledge on their cameras :)

  • Tom

    End of August is sooner than I expected. I figured Fuji would have wanted to squeeze out as many X100S sales as possible and waited till maybe 2014 to release the update. Perhaps with a tele-extender.

    But I like this rumor much better. Fuji should receive more kudos if this holds true.

  • king

    very niceeeee……… :-) just got my x100 black ed. indeed a good news if this rumor becomes reality

  • mermadon

    I like button Q!!!!
    Common fuji,

  • erionm

    Pls…various film simulations and more custom settings saving !!

  • whichwchi

    If this is true, I will love you until I die Fuji. It is incredible that a company still supports their old camera and users. I’d love to have the Q (and maybe somehow fix the almost-useless manual focussing)

  • http://snumra.net snumra

    I’m really happy with this news!

  • Tom

    Your Expert Corner guy, Rico, today commented that he is looking forward to the FW release in early September.

  • Pete

    I really hope this turns out to be true. The film simulations and a Q would be great.

  • Lepo

    New informations.. rumors?

  • Jack

    It is now august.. where is it?

  • Jack

    It is now September sorry!

    • patrick

      Keep faith… 😉

  • paul

    I’ve followed this rumour for quite a while. Doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Fuji have launched a new range of models that span the range from the X20 through to the more professional models. The massive update would be amazing. The X100 is a fantastic camera with one or two shortfalls that really could do with an update. Losing hope, can see the benefit for current and loyal users but not for Fuji…

  • king