X10 vs X20 image comparison?


X10 vs X20

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That’s a terrific improvement! Look at the image comparison between X10 and X20 posted on thenewcamera here (from the Fuji catalogue). Now low-pass filter, new sensor and incredible fast autofocus. The results seem to be great. Let’s wait for the first accurate reviews of the X20… but it’s all just a simulation!

Some Fujirumors readers were wondering if this comparison is real… the images are identical! But “see the bottom of the page [of the catalogue or Fujfilm X20 page]. Like always, on the feature pages it says: *Sample photos are simulated images.” (thanks MJr). So here is the “simulated” comparison. Hey Fuji, what about a real comparison? Maybe we have to wait for the first reviews to see some.

simulated comparison


X100S: AmazonUS / Adorama / B&H

X20: AmazonUS: silver and black version / B&H: silver versionblack version / Adorama: silver versionblack version

Europe: UK: Wexphotographic X100s for £1099 / X20 silver and black for £599



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