X-series AF performance: AF-L button focus method


AF-L Button

Back again!

Alexander from fujifilm-x-opinions linked me to the ongoing discussion in this forum (click here). He wrote:

“It seems that some people have better AF performance in manual mode using the AF-L button on the X-Pro1 than using the normal AF-S and half-pressing the shutter. I have tried to test this and here are my findings:

I do have the impression, that AF using the AF-L button in manual mode and AF-S are not the same (using the same size of AF focus field). I cannot yet say that one or the other is faster, but in the test I did I saw that the 35mm lens in AF-S mode sometimes went all the way to a very short distance and starting to search for the focus point from there (resulting in a high pitched sound). When I used manual mode and AF-L I did not observe the same behaviour. This was the same on the X-Pro1 as well as the X-E1.”

P.S.: He also posted the 4th part of his Trinity Comparison. This time Alexander compared the OVF’s of the X-100 and X-PRO1… no difference? Wrong. Read his test results here!


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