X-PRO1 with other lenses + Fujifilm Student Award winner

Here is a little comparison between different lenses (gambofoto.blogspot.nl). Nothing technical. gambofoto tested a few lenses with a minimum focus distance and a shot between 1.50 meter and 1.80 meter. It’s all out of cam jpegs, no postprocessing, no adjustments. He shot with the following lenses:
Zeiss / Contax G 90mm f/2.8 (worldwide in stock status at ebay)
And if you want to see who won the Fujifilm Student Award click here to read the article at ephotozine. If you want to know more about the contest and see previous winners, just visit www.fujifilmstudentawards.co.uk.
  • andrew Beveridge

    that winning photo is horrible

    • Rosco T.

      Couldn’t agree with you more.

      What is even more surprising is the judge’s commentary and reasoning behind this photo selection. Most of us wouldn’t even taken this photo let alone kept it on our camera cards.

      On the other hand, the judges must see something in this photo I don’t, and for that, I appologize.

  • Lucas

    The articles about older lenses on the x-pro1 however is fascinating! I read all in one go.

  • Pablo Ricasso

    Oh my…:(

    The judge mentions interseting ‘composition’…really !?

    I sometimes wonder where the photography’s going these days, but judging by this photo being a ‘winner’, not to a good place.

  • babola

    Oh my, that’s pretty bad, indeed.
    The only reason I see this one was picked over the others would be the fact it was shot on a 35mm film.
    Or could there be someting else hiding in there I just have difficulty deciphering.

    As Rosco above, I also appologize if my commentary comes acros as abrasive, but I really have difficulty picking that “winning thing” in that photo.

  • Oz

    I think the winner is great. There are a lot of people producing nice photos which lack originality or meaning. I like thus one for it’s technique and for what it says. At least it is not yet another long exposure of running water