X-100 replacement with X-TRANS sensor coming soon




If you check page 16 in the current edition of f11 (click here) – an online photography magazine and well worth a read – there’s an X-E1 review in which the photographer mentions an x-trans equipped x100 replacement due out early next year. if true, this could tie in with the fuji announcement early January.

The photographer that wrote this review is sponsored by Fuji (click here)….it’s possible that someone dropped something into conversation and he dropped it into his article.

  • that’s great! i was afraid they would just continue with interchangeable lens systems. The X100 is so silent, has the incorporated ND filter and is small. It is perfect! (except for the faults everybody knows about…)

  • dave

    This is very good news, on my wish list! And if Fuji brings a black edition without ripoff price, ‘she could be mine’ soon…. :-)

  • mish

    holy cow! bought a used X100 a month ago, indeed the camera has its share of annoyances. wow! if they’ll fix them it would be the perfect camera. to sell quickly or just be happy with what I got??.. dammit you fuji villains!

  • Roberto

    Good news also for owners of X-E1 and X1-pro. One more camera with the x-trans sensor, one more reasons for the raw converters to properly support it.

  • Ok. I’ve enjoyed my X100 for over a year but will not buy one with the X-Trans until there is an improved RAW converter. But I think it will be worked out. I hope.

    • Maxbas

      I second that. I hold on to my current setup untill the RAW problem is solved.

    • MJr

      Speaking of the sensor. The X100 has a modified one with the corners adjusted specifically for it’s one and only lens. I hope they’ll do the same thing this next time around, because it definitely seemed to be working. No way a lens this tiny but still F2 could be this good otherwise, right ?

      Hope they keep the same lens, because if you can choose only one: 35mm is the way to go. But do hope they change the focusing mechanism to make it slightly faster, and accompany snap-to-manual focus for more natural accuracy and scale-focusing etc. But it’s probably too tiny for all that …

  • Steve

    Great news!

    Got myself an x-e1 but that’s still nice to read.

  • TomR

    I wonder if they will keep the same lens…

  • jocky scot

    Bad move, Bayer is proven tech.

  • jocky scot

    I agree with Ralph.

  • Nino N.

    Okay…my X100 is on sale! Who wants it? XD
    I hope this is true :)

  • Chad

    Great move Fuji. That sensor is tops for jpeg and Phase One has already said they have the RAW processing cracked. Adobe will not be far behind.

    • TomR

      I agree Chad. This is a small company thinking smart.

  • TomR

    My guess is that one priority in making this camera will be to get auto focus right.

    • Maxbas

      Personally I think the AF speed ( or the lack of it) is over emphasized. I don’t miss shots really. Speed of operation is the real problem with the X100 in my opinion

    • MJr

      AND the Manual Focus :)

      Maybe a snap-to-manual ring like the 14/2.8 will have too.

  • urB

    Just make it smaller!
    I the x10 with the x-trans sensor.
    Sony made it with RX-1, a serious competitor, I guess winner, over the x100 es long as money is not your concern.

    • Hexx

      No, not smaller, X100 is already small, it just needs mechanical MF or at least by-wire one like on 35mm XF lens – it’s usable on it. And the same buttons like on X-Pro1 and the same back LCD. Hybrid VF could feature updated EVF like on X-E1, OVF is already superb on X100. Buttons size and laoyout that’s where improvements would be welcome (X100 and X-Pro1 user)

  • gaMiNos

    Good news, anyway, I’d rather like an equi-24mm converter :/

  • maxbas

    AF buttom needs to be changed, or a smarter way to change focus points while looking through the VF needs to be implemented

  • I know most people probably won’t agree with this, but I hope they make it with 50mm equivilent lens. I hope they keep the same body design but change the buttons to be like the x pro and xe1.

  • This should be no surprise. The X100 is nearing 24 months which is a pretty decent run for a consumer device. On top of that the X-Trans is the all the rage these days within Fuji, so it’s logical this would be coming. As to rather I am going to replace my X100 with an X200, I’m out of that race, as I just bought an X-Pro1 last year, and will not be drawn in to buying a new camera EVERY year. I don’t care how good the X200 might be, I’m not going to get in to the habit of spending 1200-1500 a year for every new camera.

    • dave

      sonds like a mantra to support the self-belief :-)

  • Gaffman

    Hrm, X200 or XF 23mm f/1.4 :)

    Decisions, decisions…

    • Anthony

      How about 1.4mm lens on x200? Is that even possible?

  • bgart

    X200 or XF 23mm f/1.4 :) :) :)

  • Add to my wish list for 2013. Size it like X100, More metal, and less plastic. Black color without +$ will be a plus. OVF a must.

  • SLRist

    Not fussed about the OVF. Personally never use it. I’m looking for much better AF performance. That’s the one thing which really tempers my love for the X100. If they can integrate on-sensor phase detect AF like the Nikon One, that would be absolutely fantastic. Other than that – an increase in resolution would be welcome. If they can nudge the lens up to an f/1.8 or f/1.7 to increase background isolation without totally compromising pocketability, that would be no bad thing. I’m also looking for a dedicated ISO dial and a proper exposure preview.

  • Aldo P

    I would feel better about purchasing an X200 if DXO Optics supported it. DXO has said it has no plans to support the X-Trans sensor “in the near future”.


    DXO has had virtually immediate support for all the new Nikon and Sony cameras. I’ve been submitting support requests for the X-Pro-1 and X-E1 about every month since they were announced. If more people requested X-Trans support I think DXO would build support in their future releases.

    • Robert

      Why not just buy the X-E1 then?

  • David Reid

    Better AF performance and / or good useable MF for me. If they would recess the Exposure compensation knob like they did with the X-E1, that would also be a nice touch. It really is a beautiful camera just as it is….and don’t touch that focal length, it’s perfect!

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