X PRO 1 for $1,120 in USA.


The official price for the X PRO 1 is $1399 (Amazon) but there is a limited quantity of cameras for sale for $1,120 at Big Value eBay (Click here). Grab it if you need it because there is no X PRO 2 to come anytime soon.

P.S.: Can’t wait to get rumors about the new X PRO 2. Some birds out there that can whisper us some specs? :)


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  • DTB

    If the X-Pro 2 doesn’t come out until next year, it better be groundbreaking and without significant flaws – the AF better top notch, the OVF better be much improved, and the sensor should be APS-H, if not full frame. Assuming the lenses can cover an APS-H sized sensor, that size would be the better choice, as we could make use of the full set of lenses that will be out then. Hopefully either Fuji or some software company completely resolve the raw conversion issues by then, as most people do not want a compromise in image quality. And, these cameras are too sexy and well designed to let them fall short of success due to artifacts and other issues.

    Package the x-pro 2 with Fuji raw conversion, rather than a third-party’s, and I bet those issues will be resolved. Canon’s DPP is far better than ACR for the conversion, though Photoshop is better for processing after the conversion…

  • http://blog.ikphotography.com Kelvin

    My wish for X-Pro 2

    1. Full Frame ( With limited set of FF lenses 50mm, 35mm to start )
    2. Minimum Shutter for Auto ISO as in X100/S
    3. Better AF ( Not that i care so much, i use MF lenses )
    4. Improved EVF and OVF
    5. Max 24MP

    That’s it… Leave everything else as is…

    • peter

      Full frame isn’t going to happen for Fuji for quite some time (e.g. 2-3 generations of cameras). They can’t sustain two different incompatible systems (current lens do not cover FF).

  • David

    Fuji X-pro2 wont get a FF sensor…it wont make any sense to leave all the lenses available today to only two bodies, the e1 and the outdated pro1 (and a later e2)

    I think fuji will come up with a very predictable camera with the same upgrades seen on the x100s, with fewer additions …such as a mic input, maybe a zoom suported OVF, built-in flash, and maybe wi-fi capabilities….

    Thats my guess

  • http://imagiag.com petr

    My only wish for x-pro2 other than all the x100s enhancements would be better flash sync (at least the usual 1/250, please!).

    I guess that leaf shutter is not possible, as it would have to be part of the lenses?