X-E1 bundle offer at Adorama

Adorama has the following X-E1 kit offers:

Kit offer 1: X-E1 with zoom lens, bag, spare battery, SD card and more with $112 price drop ($1401)

kit offer 2: X-E1 body only kit offer with $120 rebate ($1049)

kit offer 3: X-E1 with zoom lens and spare battery, SD card, USB and more with $120 rebate ($1449)

See them all here at Adorama.

A review and a few thoughts about the X-E1 can be read at iansheh.com. “The Fujifilm X-E1 is a fantastic little camera, at least for me. The size and weight make it great for travelling. I don’t shoot much, if any, high-speed action so the AF speed isn’t an issue for me. Moreover, AF accuracy is high on my priority list which is camera excels at. And the image quality is astounding. You do have to remember that the X-E1 is a mirrorless camera not a SLR. If this is your first venture into a mirrorless system, get ready for a bit of a learning curve. The X-E1, like most mirrorless cameras, operates a bit slower than SLRs, and the EVF is great but still isn’t a prism viewfinder.”

Mike Kobals model of the week is the “black Raven girl Sanna” (click here). All shots taken with the X-E1 and 35mm prime


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  • Patrick, sorry to take away attention from X-E1, but there is a real world photographer’s hands on previews of pre-production X100S and X20 here:



  • @Admin Any word on Fujis second generation ILCams. I’ve been watching the mirrorless game from the sidelines for a while and I feel I’m ready to make the jump, however I’m in indecision. The olympus em5 is the perfect body for me today with its effective inbody IS for prime lenses, fast accurate auto focus and weather sealing. But I love the fuji rock solid design and product support philosophy, it makes me feel safer investing in the Fuji lenses, the kit zoom and primes seem to be developed for me. I like what I read about their sensor tech also. Fuji is the company I think has the culture and financial strength to still still be here in 20 years as the market leader. But and it’s a big but! the Xpro and XE bodies aren’t mature enough for me just yet…


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