(UPDATE) X-100s and X-20 official marketing video + 15mm tilt-shift lens added to the Fuji Roadmap?


Two major things are added to x100s, despite the body seems to be the same as x100

– Q menu like x-pro series has.

and they finally switched the focusing mode switch so that you can easily switch between manual and single (end points), and only have to fiddle for continuous in middle. (thanks for the mail Petr)

Our reader DP posted in the comments this video he spottet at v.youku.com. Jump from 0:53 to 0:58 for a look at the back of the camera.

Thanks DP

Latest rumors say that Fuji will add a Fujinon XF 15mm f/3.5 tilt shift lens to his lens-roadmap.

via photorumors

The next video is the X-20 offical marketing video.




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  • hexx

    so they replaced ‘RAW’ button with ‘Q’ button, makes sense, but why didn’t they change the order of the buttons left from the LCD, the same order of buttons like on X-Pro1/X-E1 would be welcome.

  • http://trimar.ch Duque

    Oh how nice.

    The X100s seems to be getting almost perfect.
    Now put all These new additions into the X-E2 and Launch it …….. wait.
    Let me buy it by August 2013 and a dream come true. If not I might just go for the X-E1 and well wait a few years then.

    But the Hybrid AF sounds promising, if the Splitscreen and Focus Peaking Comes to the X-E1 by Firmware it’s not so bad at all.

    can’t wait….

    • Anon

      I don’t think the split screen will make it over to the X-Pro or X-E1 as Fuji said it relies on the Phase AF but maybe the peaking?

  • Peter N


    “Digital Split Image” feature, which displays dual images on the left and right to be lined up for manual focusing”— very similar to Leica M focusing

  • http://elijahjacksonphotography.com Elijah

    I so happy that Fuji is making a name for themselves again. I fell in love with photography by way of fuji Velvia and I’m just so happy that this great brand isn’t disappearing like Kodak. Thats my 2¢

  • AM

    Looks like they left the back layout (and camera physically) exactly the same- relabeled raw button to Q is the main change I saw. I bet they did that to keep all the physical manufacturing the same for the S version. I also bet they will keep the price the same at $1199, as a consequence of this. A good idea IMO.

  • Draigone
  • http://imgg.me petr

    also they switched the AF mode selection so finally M and C is the end points, with S in middle

  • Sri

    While I totally enjoy reading the news on this site, I would appreciate if the author can correct the spelling mistake on the body of this post…. After all, it shouldn’t be called a tilt “shit” lens….please correct !!!

    • patrick

      :-O… corrected. It’s quity busy right now at FR. sry for the errors that can occur

      • Sri

        Thanks Patrick. You are doing an awesome job with this website. While I became big fan of Fuji cameras with the x100, this site helps me keep updated by the minute. Great job!

  • http://www.alessandropischedda.com Alessandro

    …oh no! The same menu button!!! Got to buy another lens mate rubber to press it…
    Hope it will come in black directly not only limited..

    • Allen

      That was my first thought. Why would they keep that same awful menu/wheel? That was a major problem for the first rendition and subsequently fixed on the Xpro1 and XE-1.

  • http://www.mountainphotography.com/ Jack

    Oh man, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a 15mm tilt shift lens! Please follow up on this if you can!

  • Kamen

    Prices will be $1299.95 for X100s; $599.95 for X20

  • Nostrada

    Any additional info on the tilt shift lens? As far as I’m concerned, if that is announced I’m selling all my canon gear.

  • tikox

    Tilt shift would be great!

    • Jim

      15mm TS == game ovaaaaaaa …

      man i was gonna commit to the 100s but now i think i need to wait for the xe-2 or pro-2

  • Brian

    Would LOVE to get the 15mm TS. I wonder when it might arrive, and how much $$$…