USA: Fuji X100s in Stock at Sunset Electronics (limited quantity).


[UPATE: price changed. Now it’s 1350] For the first time after weeks the Fuji X100s is in Stock in US via Sunset Electronics on eBay (Click here). It even has a small $20 discount and shipping is free (with delivery between Jun. 18 and Wed. Jun. 26. Use Expedited Shipping to get it by Jun. 17 (but you have to pay extra for it).

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  • E.J. Peiker

    Note that Amazon has pulled this from active listing for now. You can not currently buy one, even with a distant delivery date from Amazon USA due to non-performance on Fuji’s part in delivering this camera to retailers when promised. This introduction has been batched worse than just about any camera intro in the US in history. It’s a disaster and Fuji has lost many thousands of sales, some forever because of their poor delivery of this camera.

  • E.J. Peiker

    Price is $1350 when I click on the link.

  • Roger

    Why is the 100s in such short supply? Is there a parts problem? I received my 100s from Amazon USA from the first shipment in late March. Since then they have only shown 1-3 months. Now they have removed the product listing.


    • http://www.ejphoto.com E.J. Peiker

      Doesn’t seem to be in short supply in Asia. Europe has some issues but not as bad as NA. Seems like they are really focusing on Asia. All of the mirrorless companies keep saying that product acceptance in NA is not what they had hoped but in the case of Panasonic and Fuji it’s a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy by not having product or product accessories available if for people that want them.

  • http://www.afterlightfoto.com Alex

    I still have my x100s on my bought list in amazon, I ordered it on May 30th and say it will arrive by july 1st to 5th, I highly doubt it and I think I’ll be ordering it from ebay as well.

  • alex

    thanks, bought one. now to sell the xe-1…

  • This guy

    I ordered one and cancelled my digitalrev order thinking this would get here faster and was cheaper. I’m a little worried now though since the original listing had 10 available at $1279, then it was upped to $1350 and now it’s $1430 and that 20 have sold and there are more than 10 available. Considering how hard they are to find, I find it suspicious that they have that many. They had some bad reviews about not sending stuff people ordered. I’m wondering if they are selling what they don’t have or are upping the price to find the threshold of what people will pay and then going to cancel or just not fulfill the lower orders. Argh.

    • Alex

      also a bit suspicious, the paypal address went to an account at “@bigeasycameras.com” which is no longer registered and has a lot of bad reseller ratings reviews. Figure I’ll be okay with ebay and can cancel/refund but it’s a bit of a hassle.

  • Fujimoto

    Sunset Electronics/Big Easy Cameras is saying the shipment of X100s’ is water damaged.

  • KawikaT

    I just heard back from Sunset Electronics on the ebay messaging system and they’re backordered and not able to deliver the X100S for at least 3 weeks. Cancelled the order and hoping the bigeasycamera not registered/bad reviews isn’t a bad omen that I just lost my money and can get it refunded.

  • Matt

    Don’t purchase. Been a hassle working with Sunset Electronics and trying to get a refund now. Buyer beware.