the X-E1…the sexiest camera on the market?


Well, what a strange issue. Sure, Fuji has the RAW-problem to solve, the distribution of the new X-E1 seems not to be that good, so that in Europe at the different online stores the camera is quickly running out of stock and we are still waiting for the camera to be shipped at the major US online stores (Amazon Adorama, eBay, Cameta Camera, B&H…).

But it’s a grey and wet autumn day here, and maybe it’s good to deal with an easy subject.

So while I was jumping from review to review, from mail to mail, I stumbled on a original theory. Where does the name X-E1 come from? Why did the marketing experts call this camera X-E1? Well, the answer could be found in this book about the subliminal seduction (click here) and kenrockwell.com (click here) deduces that the name “X-E1” should unconsciously evoke the “SeX-y-One”.

Let’s look if, in the end, it’s the name or the amazing pictures that this camera shoots, that will boost the sales of the X-E1.

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  • http://sunuari.net sj

    X: the family (the mount family)
    E: for the Evf only or for Economic
    1: the 1st model in X family with Evf only

    X: the family (the mount family)
    Pro: for Professional
    1: the 1st pro model in X family

    or not?

    • MJr

      Yes. For sure. But where’s the fun in that ‘;)

  • Obvian

    I agree sj.

    It’s like when you get into symbolism and stuff, people start reading into the smallest of details waaaaayyy to much!

  • slej

    I thought I read somewhere that Fuji said E is for Enthusiast, to differentiate from Professional. But EVF is a definite possibility.

  • Lucas

    I always thought it was for ‘Entry’, as in a cheap offering into the X-series

  • sly

    “The sexy one”, hum, well well, some people forget that not the full word is speaking english.

  • http://sunuari.net sj

    @MJr and all the other looking for fun in a japanese acronym 😉 (see the names of the motorbikes in Jp and u’ll understand)
    X: do not
    E: exist
    1: any produced camera

    It seems impossible for me to find it here in Italy. :(

    X: do not
    Pro: produce
    1: 1 of this

    better? And you? what do you imagine that the meaning is?