The 2013 Fuji forecast from Impress Japan!

The popular magazine Impress Japan shared his forecast on the Fuji 2013 key developments and news. They predict that Fuji will launch a new Full Frame X camera, new entry level X cameras and new improved X-Tran sensors. Of course that’s pure speculation but they also interviewed Mr.Nishimura (Fuji manager). They may spilled out some info from him?

Form what I heard there is no FF X camera on the horizon for the next 6-8 months…

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  • They predict that Fuji will launch a new Full Frame X camera …

    Thank God !!!

  • And when will the 55-200 be available?

  • Well – still nothing more than the usual rumour-soup as I see it…. We want to know so badly but alas, still nothing substantial revealed so we cook up a mix of wishfull thinking with a little added 2nd hand season ourselves… hehee … gotta love it;o)) Even if I spoke/understood japanese I would most likely be no further ahead in this endless ‘game’… And yet Im part of it. Think I’ll just go out and photograph with the XPro1 I already have – Happy Holidays, friends!

    • I’m sure rumors are part of the hype marketing strategy, which is a very easy way to keep people engaged and interested in a premium brand (Apple is known for deliberate “leaks” of information to journalists as well). Thus, especially with a source fairly close to the company, many of the rumors may actually turn out to be accurate.

      With the X-Pro 1 out, it makes perfect sense to reposition the followup model in the X100 product line with a full frame camera since the X-Pro 1 with a 23 mm lens would cover the existing X100 market from Fuji’s point of view I imagine. It is also very logical that Fuji will try to capitalize on the extremely successfull X-Series brand by introducing entry-level/consumer models (as they are already doing with the XF-1 or whatever it is called). New improved sensors are inevitable if the want to introduce any full frame or X10-size X-Trans cameras or even just a followup to the X-Pro 1/X-E1.

      Personally, I’d be extremely surprised if any of those rumors didn’t turn out to be accurate.

  • But does the existing and upcoming X- mount lenses support FF?

  • Hi Peter,
    No argument from me;o) Offcourse some of these rumours will turn out as actual manifestations one way or another & sooner or later! My point was simply that a lot of our time spent in endless speculations perhaps could be spent ‘more’ usefull using the cameras we already have… Not that I’m to say how anybody should make best use of His/Her time, though.

  • entry level as in APSC Xtrans sensor below the XE-1? if so, please price it like the 5R.

    most likely with no viewfinder at all


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