Rumor: First hints about a Fuji announcement in early January!


This is still a very young website and it needs time to build a network of “sources” that may be able to share hints about possible future products. Yet we just heard from one source that Fuji is about to announce new cameras in early January.

We can definitely expect a new bunch of compact cameras. The CES event in Las Vegas is traditionally a place where manufacturers display their new mass products. But you know, back on January 10th Fuji announced the first X camera (the X PRO 1). They may want to celebrate this with a new X camera or lens?


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  • http://www.sagi-k.com Sagi

    The X100 was the first 😉

    • patrick

      you’re right… I should have specified “the first X-camera with interchangable lenses”

  • tremendousPanda

    i think it’s gonna be the 23mm 1.4 lens. Since everybody loves the 35mm 1.4, a 35mm equivalent is more than logical.

  • Lucas

    I hope of course for some awesome news (x-pro2, x200, …) but would already be more than happy with just confirmation that their next three lenses will be available in march for example. Or just an even better new firmware for current cameras…

    • Hassan

      I’m hoping for a new flash that can do high speed sync and TTL when acting as a wireless slave.

    • http://www.sagi-k.com Sagi

      I’m waiting for this one….
      I just got the X-E1 a few days ago and I love it.

  • 兩人

    Xpro2 I hope. Peaking and easier adjustment of the AF point are two things if like to see.

  • Some dude

    Xpro 2 would be perfect timing for me. Not 100% sold on the xpro1 and the xe1 I don’t like (I hate the EVF personally). Xpro2 might push me over to get a Fuji.

    Peaking and better control over AF points would be 2 things I’d like to see.

  • http://fujixpro1pictures.blogspot.ch/ Jean Pierre

    I think Fuji won’t come with a nex X-Pro! The X-Pro1 and X-E1 are very good.
    Maybe with some new “compact” digicam.
    And the expected new lenses for the X-Serie.
    And before the CES new firmware-update for the X-Pro1 and X-E1.
    We all waiting for them.

  • http://www.monochromatique.com Daniel

    Perhaps the announce of the XPRO 2 ???? But after all I love the X-E1 ! :) http://www.fnac.com/Prise-en-main-du-Fujifilm-X-E1/cp19166/w-4

  • JOe


  • Peter

    Ah, rumors! finally 😉

    The X100 is over 2 years old now and still popular. An updated version (same sensor as X-E1, improved AF / write speeds) would make sense IMO.

    Personally I would _love_ to see a X20 with a 1″ sensor (like Sony RX100) and the equivalent of a 24-90mm lens.

  • http://www.thuncherphotography Glen T.

    Because Fuji is heavily invested in the less than one year old X-Pro 1, the brand new X-E1, and X-series lenses that are essentially a DX lens – my prediction is that Fuji will introduce a full frame version of the X-100 with fixed, fast prime lens.

    Not unlike Sony’s game changing RX1 (perhaps even Sony sensor) … but hopefully with the X100’s EVF/OVF view finder.

    Now THAT would be cool.

  • http://www.monochromatique.com Daniel

    X-E2 ?? Imposible ! The X-E1 is not really available in all shops for now !

    • http://blog.ikphotography.com Kelvin

      I agree with Glen… I am hoping for an X200 FF with 50mm and an aperture range between F1.4-2 fixed lens. I think this will make sense for Fuji, the X100 is an excellent camera as it is in my opinion with the 35mm, a FF 50mm will send shivers down Leica’s spine. It should also be nicked named – Bresson!

      • Ryan

        kelvin,that’s what I’d love to see! FF 50mm f2!! With a xtrans sensor! I’m not to partial of the 35mm FL. 50mm is my bread and butter.

  • giallo

    not any others X-Mount camera, I think; eventually a silver XPro1? And – I hope – a telephoto prime lens as 135/2,8 or 180 f:3,5?

    • http://www.moreschipaolo.com paolo

      yes !!! 135/2,8 !!!!

  • Ted Tarnise


  • ANTZ

    X-200… non-interchangeable X-F1 Zoom lense (and same power on/off), 1″ or APS-C X-Trans sensor, EVF, fast AF…. I have my credit card ready for this xDDDD