Review: Billingham Hadley Small



image courtesy: composinghands (image of Billingham Hadley Small (AmazonUS) taken with X-E1, 18-55 lens: File OOC JPG)

Now that David from composinghands got his X-E1, he looked for the right bag to put in this little great cam. He decided to buy a Billingham Pro… if you use a DSLR, you’ll surely grab the Billingham Hadley Pro but for the small X-E1 the Hadley Small is enough.

It’s everything I hoped for, material and construction are all top grade, you can see it’s built by craftsman. Design is retro like… so doesn’t shout I’m a camera bag. Take out the removable sleeve and you have yourself a beautiful everyday bag, plus the canvas has been treated to be waterproof which is good to know your gear is well protected… it’s made to last a lifetime and it’s going to protect my gear, I can rely on its build quality not to fail.” 

Read the whole review and see more images here at composinghands.com.

Billingham Hadley Small: AmazonUS / B&H / Adorama / AmazonUK / AmazonGER / AmazonITA / AmazonFRA

… and thanks Andy for linking this video in the comments. How much you can fit in a Bilingham Hadley Small?


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  • Andy

    Found this link useful to gauge the size of the Hadley small.


    Nice to see it fits an iPad inside!

  • Dave

    I use this bag for my X E1, X100 with extra lens in one side pouch and batteries etc, in the other.
    Can also put my IPad or small tripod across the back.
    The Hadley small is perfect!

  • http://vannuil.com evannuil

    I also have the Hadley Small and it’s a great bag. I have it with all day, every day and carry my FUJIFILM X-Pro1, the Fujinon XF 35mm F1.4 R, Fujinon XF 60mm F2.4 R Macro and the Fujinon XF 18-55mm F2.8-4 R LM OIS. Also my wallet, iPhone, iPad mini and spare batteries.

  • Henry

    Thanks for your review.
    I have a question on your iPad. How do you use this with your camera?
    Is there any special equipment that you needed to purchase?
    Which IPad did you purchase?
    I have a Fuji X-Pro 1

    • http://kschenk.com Kevin Schenk

      @David: I use my iPad for photography when I travel for storage and review. I don’t actually do any processing since I use Lightroom for everything. If you want to do more and use Lightroom, you should check out the Photosmith App, which lets you add metadata from the iPad then sync it with Lightroom on the computer. I don’t do this because I prefer to just do it at home.

      I have the SD card adapter. However, I have found that taking the photos off the SD card then using the same card again with the X100 makes it very slow, so I have to format the card first. I’m not sure if this affects the X-Pro 1 as well.

      • http://kschenk.com Kevin Schenk

        I mean Henry, not David, sorry.

    • http://www.composinghands.com David “Composing Hands”

      I have an older iPad (2nd generation), it was more of an observation about the ability for the Hadley Small to be able to carry an iPad than it being useful in the field with regards photography… If I’m traveling on a train it’s useful as entertainment or catching up on some writing and general stuff like that.

      Hope that helps.


      Thanks for posting my review.

      • patrick

        thanks to you!

  • Photograber!

    can someone help me with this problem?
    in capture one i can’t export x-e1 fils to DNG, it says “error output processing file ‘filename’ ”
    i can do this with any other camera raw files but not with X-e1

    • Dave

      I had this problem and contacted Phase One, this is the answer I got.

      This is not supported since we only support standard RAW DNG which uses 2×2 bayer layout.
      With the fuji, it uses 6×6 and hence if it was put in to a 2×2 layout it would be unsuable (all colours would be scrambled.)

      • Photograber!

        thank you very much dave